Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Death of Liberty

This is what the U.S. House of Representatives brought us tonight with the passage of the most invasive, unconstitutional, .liberty-robbing, tax-raising monstrosity in the history of our Republic:

Nov. 7 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. House passed legislation with the most far-reaching changes to the nation’s health-care system in four decades, requiring all Americans to get coverage, and subjecting insurers to new restrictions and competition from a government program.
The House voted 220-215 today to approve the measure, which would cost more than $1 trillion over 10 years. Just one Republican, Representative Joseph Cao of Louisiana, backed the plan, and 39 Democrats broke ranks to oppose it.
Lawmakers hailed the step as a historic follow-on to the 1965 creation of the Medicare program for the elderly and disabled. They said the bill would cover 36 million uninsured Americans and curb costs. New rules would prevent insurers from denying coverage to people with preexisting conditions, and seniors would get help obtaining preventive care and medicine.

It has become crystal clear at this point that the people we sent to "represent" us in Washington D.C. don't care what we think - period. Poll after poll over the last few months has indicated that the overwhelming majority of Americans are happy with their current health care and health insurance and oppose any attempts to change it. The majority of us instinctively know that this boondoggle will raise our taxes, rob us of our health care choices and give us vastly inferior health care at a higher cost. Scores of Americans showed up at liberal politician's "town hall meetings" to express their concerns about government-run health care. Tens of thousands flooded the email servers at the capital, melted the phone lines and tied up the fax machines. Twenty thousand showed up in Washington the other day to look their congressman in the eye and tell them they better not vote for government-run health care if they know what's good for their re-election. The radical lefties that run Congress didn't care.

As us conservatives have said all along, this has never been about "health care". It's always been about power and control. And 220 members of the U.S. House of Representatives -- including one RINO Joseph Cao of Louisiana, phone 202-225-6636, fax 202-225-1988 -- just voted themselves power over every aspect of your life. Because if these morons have control over the most personal aspect of anyone's life -- their medical records and their personal health care choices -- they have control over everything. And when the government is paying the bills, which they will be in five years if this bill becomes law, they will assert control over every aspect of your life. It starts with unconstitutionally mandating that you buy health insurance if you don't have it and levying stiff fines and penalties against you if you don't. It ends up in them dictating what you can and you can't do with your life based on the fact that the government is paying for your medical care. Overweight, well you had better lose weight or you won't be covered. Perhaps the government will have some bureaucracy to manage your diet for you. Too old? Well we'll probably just "give you a pill" (in the imortal words of The Messiah) if that and keep you confortable until you kick the bucket. Are you above the "golden ages" of 14 to 40? Well one of the guys who will have a big role in the implementation of this outrage "Zeke" brother of Rahm Imanuel will use his "complete lives system" do determine just exactly how much your life is worth but at the age of, say, 48, you've already had your shot at a complete life so if it comes down you you or the 20-year-old for kidney dialysis, you're SOL buddy.

This is an absolute outrage and the firewall now is the U.S. Senate. If you value your liberty, if you truly want to leave your kids a better society than your parents left you, the only choice we have now is to stop this in the Senate.

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