Sunday, November 01, 2009

Stop the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Health Care Power Grab

As most of you may have heard, Nancy Pelosi unleashed the latest health care monstrosity -- a 2000-page liberty-robbing health care bill that would essentially mandate the eliminate of private health insurance policies within a five-year period, robbing all of us of the right to make our own health insurance choices, driving up costs for all of us and steal our liberty in the process. All this while leaving the same number of Americans uninsured that are already uninsured.

Here is an overview of how Pelosi/Reid/Obamacare will harm American families:

The Fix Health Care Policy blog at contains links to the specifics about what makes this a horrible bill.Here are just a few of the main reasons:

1. The fact is that the costs are spread over ten years starting immediately but the plan doesn't even start until 2013. So $1 trillion in costs are squeezed out of employers and employees alike over ten years to pay for six years of "health insurance reform" while they spend the first three years paying for their current health care plans. Additionally, with the federal government's propensity to underestimate the cost of everything, costs are likely to be far higher. If you use the amount that they underestimated the cost of Medicare as an average (it's likely to be much higher because this plan would cover many more Americans), the plan would actually cost between $7 and $11 trillion over ten years. This is after we've already rung up $1.4 trillion in debt in just the last year with a total national debt of $12 trillion and unfunded mandates of tens of trillions of dollars all placed on the backs of our kids and grand kids.

2. Like HR 3200, the newer bigger and worse HR 3962 prohibits the sale of private health insurance policies after five years. If you currently pay for your own, private health insurance, kiss it goodbye after five years. You'll be on the government plan (public option) and the "health choices commissioner" will make your choices for you.

3. HR 3962 will reduce costs? As if! If you are a contributing member of society, get ready to pay dozens of new taxes to fund this boondoggle. When has the government EVER reduced the cost of anything?

4. That's okay you say, I don't want health insurance. Too bad. The government will fine you for not having it and fine your employer for not providing what the government says they should provide. These fines can't go to pay your health insurance premiums. ().

As I mentioned before, this has nothing to do with health care as evidenced by the fact that it leaves the same number of Americans uninsured as we currently have -- around 15 million -- and we could easily cover all of these folks using current programs at a cost of about $40 billion over ten years. Given that 85% of Americans are happy with their current health insurance and don't want this bill it's obvious that this has everything to do with government control of one-sixth of the nation's economy.

Nancy Pelosi wants to ram this 2000-page nightmare that no one has even read through the House this week. Thursday is supposedly the target date that our liberty will be snatched away from us. If you don't have the right to make your own health care decisions -- some of the most personal and private decisions you and your family will ever make -- what rights WILL you have in the future? We must all call our representatives at 202-224-3121 and make our opinions known. A mass outpouring of opposition to this massive Democrat power grab is the only thing that will stop it.

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