Monday, January 04, 2010

The "It" at Commerce

Some (perhaps even some conservatives) might consider this commentary offensive. But I assure you it is far less offensive than Barack Obama's expectation that we take seriously the absurdity that apparently is Amanda Simpson, the first "trans-gender" presidential appointee at the Commerce Department.

The whole notion of a "trans-gender" person is absurd on its face. It isn't possible to change genders. God made you the gender you are and the most skilled surgeon in the world can't change the gender of God's creation. The sole result of an addadicktomy or a chopadickoffomy (Rush's Limbaugh's terms) is nothing more than genital mutilation that renders the subject a eunuch or neuter -- in essence an "it". So what you have in the case of "Amanda" Simpson is an exhibitionist who celebrates "its" genital mutilation above and beyond everything else and, along with God knows how many other "its" in this country, stands up and demands that we do the same or be labeled "homophobes" when what we actually represent is the rational side of this "through the looking glass" debate. Rational folks understand that people who possess an overwhelming desire to have their genitalia surgically mutilated and "express" their gender as the opposite of the gender God gave them need psychological help -- not celebration for their presidential appointment to the Commerce Department.

Twenty years ago, the revelation that there were actually people out there who wish us to take seriously their desire to have their sex organs mutilated and live their lives as the opposite sex would have been greeted with the appropriate guffaws. So absurdly PC have we become in 2010 that the common sense notion that people shouldn't have their genitalia mutilated (even voluntarily) and "express themselves" as a sex opposite of the sex God gave them is considered bigoted. What's more, the push is on  (and "Amanda" is at the forefront of this push) to codify mandatory acceptance of this odd form of sexually deviant mental disorder into equal opportunity laws.

Remember the Romans? Their civilization was brought to its knees and eventually destroyed from the inside out by the acceptance of the very types of deviance that we are being asked to accept in this country. Let's hope we don't face the same fate.

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