Friday, January 01, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Okay: No Heart Problems Found

Rush Limbaugh just concluded a press conference in Honolulu, Hawaii at the hospital where he was admitted for chest pains Wednesday and said that although the doctors couldn't pinpoint the cause of his chest pain, he had a thorough evaluation of his cardiovascular system and everything is perfectly okay.

Speaking on Fox News today, Rush made the point that he was the recipient of the best health care in the world -- American health care -- from the best doctors in the world -- American doctors -- and it had absolutely nothing to do with his fame or wealth. This is the health care that everyone in this country has access to regardless of age, income, status or race, something I can personally attest to because I had a lot of experience with the American health care system in 2009 thousands of miles and an ocean away from Hawaii right here in flyover country USA. Contrast this immediate, superb care we receive here with the waiting lists, triage in ambulances and NICE death panels that exist in the health care systems we are rushing headlong towards emulating.

You folks who support this ridiculous national health care monstrosity have no idea what you are getting us into.

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