Friday, January 01, 2010

Predictions for The Messiah's Second Year

Happy New Year everyone!

2010 begins year two of life with radical leftists having a choke hold on the executive AND legislative branches in Washington D.C. With the vapid Nancy Pelosi, the doddering old fool Harry Reid and Alinsky protege The Messiah drunk with power, 2010 should provide us with more "interesting times" than even 2009 did, especially considering the damage these idiots can do with an additional 21 days in their reign of terror. So as I sit here sipping my recently thawed celebratory beer (it was out on the deck and the thermometer on the wall tells me that the temperature out there is within .1 degree of dropping below zero) and eating the chocolate-coated caramel corn which won;t be a part of the 2010 diet, I'd like to offer some reflections and predictions about life under leftist tyranny in 2010.

First of all, I predict that Rush Limbaugh will fully recover from whatever has been ailing him for the last day or so. He's too tough after better than 21 years of relentless attacks by the leftists to succumb to a simple thing like whatever caused his chest pain. We're all praying for Rush's speedy recovery. We can't lose the premier conservative voice on the radio at a time when we need him most.

Secondly, as Rush is fond of saying living your American dream, damn whatever the leftists are doing to the country, is the best way to get back at these fools. Whatever they do, they can't dampen the spirit of rugged individualism. Just keep living your American dream to the best of your ability, and work hard to assure that the leftists that are presently making so much mischief will be booted out on their sorry asses the next time they are up for re-election.

Which brings me to my second prediction: Liberals will lose big in November 2010 -- maybe even big enough for Republicans to regain control of the House and perhaps even the Senate. But this won't just happen by osmosis. It's going to mean a lot of hard work on all of our parts.

Speaking of which, my third prediction: The folder containing the 150-odd letters I've faxed to every politician I thought I might be able to influence will at least double and perhaps triple in the next year and my MyFax bill will consistently run over it's "sent page" limit as it did nearly every month last year. Not only that, but I will soon be busy sending hundreds of emails to state politicians to implore them not to wreck our state in many of the same ways they tried to wreck it last year but ended up tabling because of the outpouring of Iowans imploring them NOT to do such idiotic things as removing Iowan's right to work rights and empowering unions, changing the best worker's comp system in the country, removing state deductibility for federal taxes paid and using every penny of state bonding authority to piss down a rat hole on all the worthless BS our worthless governor and representatives want to piss it away on. I agree: It shouldn't be this hard to be a citizen in the freest, strongest and best country on the face of the earth. But thanks to a majority of folks who insert their heads in their asses immediately before entering the voting booth, it is. The conservative mindset tends to be that government needs to leave me alone to live my life and I'll be just fine. The problem now is that a government comprised of radical leftists will continue to get in our faces and molest us and bother us unless we stand up and make our opinions known first and second, throw them out on their asses. Our very liberty and the future prosperity of ourselves, our children and grandchildren depend on it.

My next prediction: Nationwide unemployment will be little improved from the current reported 10% or actual 17-18% and The Messiah will still be holding worthless town hall meetings and "job summits" and blaming "the mess I inherited" in other words Bush despite the fact that unemployment was less than 8% when Bush left office. I also predict that as the unemployment number continues its gradual climb, so will The Messiah's poll numbers continue their gradual slide. You can only blame Bush for so long because most of us are too smart to fall for that ruse.

As far as health care goes, the Democrats will probably get something passed, but I predict a massive outpouring of protest that will morph into civil disobedience and court challenges as the full realization of what this attack on liberty will cost us in terms of liberty, taxes and access to the quality of care we were used to under the current system.

My next prediction: Joe Biden will be as stupid in 2010 as he was in 2009 and will continue to widen the lead he has on Algore for the absolute stupidest Vice President in recent American history. Both of these guys prove, along with Ted Kennedy that if you are too stupid or too drunk (yes, this rule of thumb also applies to Max Baucus) to do anything else, you can at least be a liberal U.S. Senator or leftist vice president or both. And you can also parlay a modest fortune into a huge one by pushing the global warming lie while living in a 12.000-ft energy hog of a mansion -- no brains required. Only an uncanny ability to look into the camera and tell audacious lies about Polar Bears.

And my final prediction (I could go on, but it's time to call it a night): A world that was unquestionably less safe in 2009 with its lone superpower under the guidance of The Messiah who had (and continues to have) his hand outstretched, ass to the sky, lips planted on some despot's ass, will be even more less safe in 2010. You'd think that the Dumb Ass In Chief would have been able to figure out by now that his strategy of running down the greatest country in the world while simultaneously kissing dictator's asses isn't working but radical leftist ideologues don't have any common sense, only their blind radical leftist ideology. So he'll continue to run down the U.S. and weaken our defenses by disarming, slashing defense budgets, dithering on troop deployments and ignoring serious political strife in such countries as Iran (he'll probably send out the Secretary of Stooge at some point with her red "reset" button again) to the detriment of freedom and democracy all over the world.

On that happy note, have a great new year and don't let the bastards (and bitches) get you down. Fight the power with every thing you have in 2010. It's our best hope for a better country in 2011.

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