Saturday, November 27, 2010

18 ACORN Workers Convicted of Fraud

It's no coincidence that when you do a news search for ACORN these days, the top hits are mostly about tasty ways to prepare acorn squash. The last thing in the world the lapdog liberal media would want to do is to shine the spotlight on the evil doings of a crooked activist group with ties to their Messiah. Fortunately, there is Fox News to tell the story for us:

The scandal-plagued ACORN may no longer exist, but its tarnished legacy lives on in court, as the activist group and its former employees face criminal punishment.
So far this year, at least 18 former workers have admitted guilt or been convicted on varying charges of election fraud. The punishment has ranged from probation to several months of prison time.
ACORN, once a powerful advocate for low-income and minority voters, shuttered its operations amid plummeting revenues in March, six months after conservative activists posing as a pimp and prostitute caught on video some of the group's employees offering them tax advice.
But the group is still facing charges in Nevada on conspiracy to commit the crime of compensation for registration of voters.The trial, originally scheduled to begin Monday, has been postponed likely until next year.
Former workers across the country already are being punished for their criminal activities

Two things to wonder about in the wake of one of the biggest conservative election blow-outs in modern political history:

1. Would the lapdog liberal media be as silent about election fraud were there a scintilla of evidence that any was committed by conservative groups? Hell no! We'd be talking about it from 30 seconds after the election returns began coming in on November 2 until after the 2012 election when if God is smiling on us, Barack Obama will have his ass handed to him on a sliver platter. The fact that proves that there is no conservative voter fraud is that the liberal media isn't talking about voter fraud.

2. How many of the razor-thin wins for liberals would have been wins for conservatives had the liberals not engaged in massive voter fraud as they always do during every election cycle? I submit to you that Sharon Angle, Dino Rossi, Joe Miller and others would be senators-elect right now because liberals HAVE to cheat to win -- they can't win any other way.

The proof is in their actions: 

1. The Obama injustice department refuses to prosecute clear voter intimidation caught on tape because it was committed by Black Panthers.

2. Liberals consistently oppose voter ID laws on the basis that voters will somehow be "disenfranchised". Who among us would be opposed to showing an ID at the polls?

3. Nearly all of the attempts to make it more "convenient" (like going to the polls on the appointed day to elect your leaders in the best country on the face of the earth is inconvenient) to vote are supported by liberals because they dramatically increase the opportunity for voter fraud. Many of these early voter initiatives are now so accepted that the associated fraud has been institutionalized into the process.

Consider Iowa's early voter process which allows people to go to the "polls" at libraries around the state and cast their ballots up to one month early. Somehow each and every one of those ballots has to be guarded all day and then make it to one centralized collection point on a daily basis.Most states now have similar processes.  No opportunity for fraud there -- no, not at all.  Isn't it funny how, when caught in close races, liberals always seem to "find" misplaced  ballots that benefit them and result in scum like Al Franken pulling out close wins? Liberal wins brought to you by election fraud made possible by these types of initiatives.

Ever wonder why liberals are interested in bringing 12 million illegals "out of the shadows"? So they can escort them right "out of the shadows" and into the voting booth. I've witnessed the phenomenon of liberal groups trying to pressure people into allowing non-eligible voters to get to the polls to vote myself. If it happens out here in flyover country, imagine how bad it must be in states literally teeming with ineligible immigrants and outright illegal immigrants?While liberals are always interested in getting voting rights for legal and illegal aliens and felons, they never seem to be interested in making sure our fighting men and women overseas aren't "disenfranchised". The proof is in the fact that they have to vehemently deny that they want to purposely "disenfranchise" military voters while at the same time disenfranchising military voters. BTW, did we ever solve the issue of whether The Messiah's home state was going to be able to getting military voters their ballots in time? Probably not since service members vote overwhelmingly conservative.

Bottom line here is that these 18 ACORN crooks are just the tip of the iceberg. Liberal Democrat voter fraud is all around us but you wouldn't know it because the lapdog liberal media is more interested in telling you how to cook the perfect acorn squash than it is uncovering rampant voter fraud on the side of the team they are rooting for.


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