Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Net Neutralilty": Coming to an Internet Near You By Christmas

Yes, neutering conservative opinion on the Internet is something that the Obama FCC is intent on taking up before Christmas.

The Federal Communications Commission said Tuesday that it has postponed its December meeting by about one week to Dec. 21, sparking a flurry of speculation that the agency did so to prepare for a vote on net neutrality.

“An extra week will help us evaluate potential agenda items for December,” said Jen Howard, a spokeswoman for the FCC.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is expected to introduce a proposal that would be under its questionable legal jurisdiction over broadband service providers, according to Stifel Nicholaus analyst Rebecca Arbogast. And the chairman is in the difficult position of now having to convince two Democratic commissioners who have pushed him to reassert authority over broadband services so he can implement rules against discrimination of content on Internet networks.

Analysts said the delay was probably created so Genachowski could garner support for a majority 3 to 2 vote on a final rule.

"We suspect the Democrats could ultimately support a Title I order, but they may seek some sort of concessions on this or other matters," Arbogast wrote in a research note Tuesday.

Let's not fool ourselves about what is going on here: We're not talking about fairness and "neutrality" any more than the "employee free choice" act is about employee free choice or "Social Security" is social security or the "Fairness Doctrine" is about fairness. Any time you have a liberal concept with a seemingly innocuous name (or a friendly-sounding name for that matter)it is always, without exception, cover for an evil concept. In this case, the evil concept is limiting conservative speech in the name of "fairness". Meanwhile, you're not going to hear anything about "neutralizing" the speech of George Soros-funded liberal hate groups because they practice the type of speech leftists like Obama approve of.

The simple fact of the matter is this: Liberals hate the fact that they can't succeed in the free market of ideas on talk radio and cable. The only reason why they succeed on the Internet is because leftist fat cats like Soros and others fund them. Liberals are perfectly okay with free speech as long as the opinions match their leftist ideology. But in a country where more than twice as many citizens self-identify as conservative as they do liberal, the liberal elite HATE free conservative speech. With the window closing on any legislative opportunities to limit conservative free speech, Obama's leftist FCC thinks they can just decree limits on conservative speech in the name of "neutrality". Hello China, hello Venezuela. Google, are you ready to talk to lefty Genachowski about parameters for limiting web searching in the Union of United Socialist States of America? Wouldn't want people to be able to have free access to information on "freedom" and "liberty". Gotta keep those nuts who "cling to their guns and religion" in line.

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