Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bad, Bad North Korea

Don't you feel so much safer with a peacenick as president? Is the world a safer place with a U.S. president who genuflects to every tin-pan dictator? The answer to these questions are no and no which is exactly why North Korea is on the brink of re-firing the Korean war and we are left helplessly issuing "strong condemnations" and begging China to talk Kim Jong Il's punk kid and his rogue government into into backing down.

Not to belabor this point but elections have consequences and one of the direct consequences of the last presidential election -- as any common-sense conservative could have told you at the time -- is that we have become the laughing stock of the world.

In the last two years we have been treated to absurd images of a president of the United States of America bowing to Saudi kings, sitting politely through Daniel Ortega's rant against the Great Satan, offering an outstretched hand to the mental patient who heads the government of Iran, sputtering and stammering in protest as North Korea becomes increasingly belligerent and kills 50 South Korean sailors. And now, the pinnacle of our weakness -- the SECOND attack on South Korea by the tyrant to its north.

And truthfully, this isn't even the pinnacle of our weakness because North Korea is merely testing the waters at this point. Daddy got away with whatever he wanted to. Now the little boy is seeing how far he can push it. The answer, of course, will be as far as he damn well pleases. And he ain't done pushing. Now we're in the uncomfortable position of begging a what used to be a backwards third-world nation a mere 25 years ago to appeal its friends Kim Jong Il and his little boy to pretty-please stop bombing and killing people in the free, prosperous, democratic republic of South Korea. And it's kind of a fine line when that formerly backwards third world nation (which is quickly becoming an economic and military superpower) is propping up your profligate spending by buying hundreds of billions of dollars of your debt.

To any one who wants to persist in the bogus argument that we're safer with a "can't we all just get along" foreign policy, you're an utter fool -- just like the court jester on the world stage we unfortunately have to refer to as the president of the United States. At least for another 787 days and 18 hours.

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