Saturday, November 02, 2013

Barack the Terrible Issues Bogus Executive Order on "Climate Change"

Climate change is a fact of life ,,, And it HAS been a fact of life since life on this planet began. But Barack the Terrible and his ilk want us to believe that no "climate change" EVER OCCURRED until us evil American bastards -- you know the ones that have "only five percent of the world's population but use 25% of the world's resources" (another Obamaism) -- came along to cause global warming due to the fact that we have the audacity to have the highest standard of living on the planet. So Barack the Terrible is going to make us pay for our audacity to live well:

President Obama issued an executive order Friday directing a government-wide effort to boost preparation in states and local communities for the impact of global warming.
The action orders federal agencies to work with states to build “resilience” against major storms and other weather extremes. For example, the president’s order directs that infrastructure projects like bridges and flood control take into consideration climate conditions of the future, which might require building structures larger or stronger — and likely at a higher price tag.
So regardless of the fact that "global warming" hasn't been occurring for the last fifteen years or so and despite the fact that storms are actually no worse now than they were years ago and despite the fact that there is no provable connection to human activity and "climate change", Barry is going to jack up the cost of infrastructure and energy because of his leftist ideology. And because he knows he would never get this environmentalist wacko BS through the proper Constitutional channels,  he signs an executive order on the day before the weekend when no one is paying attention. Speaking of BS, here's some unmitigated BS from the text of the executive order:
“The impacts of climate change — including an increase in prolonged periods of excessively high temperatures, more heavy downpours, an increase in wildfires, more severe droughts, permafrost thawing, ocean acidification and sea-level rise — are already affecting communities, natural resources, ecosystems, economies and public health across the nation,” the presidential order said. “The federal government must build on recent progress and pursue new strategies to improve the nation’s preparedness and resilience.”
"Climate change": The BS is in the name.

Back in the day, young Barry and Algore -- the man who made his fortune off of bogus "global warming" now "climate change" scams -- and all the other commie pinkos whose goal it is knock the U.S. down a few notches never had "climate change" cross their lips. It was "global warming" all the way and we were causing it. Before that, it was "global cooling" -- human activity was going to cause another ice age. Remember Carl Sagan standing on the edge of the burning Iraqi oil fields nearly a quarter century ago and blubbering that all that smoke was going to cause a "nuclear winter"? It didn't. Regardless of the fact that these folks are all blithering idiots, we now have a presidential executive order signed by one of these lefty loons that is going to seriously impact our economy and our standard of living for the worse. In the immortal words of Barack the Terrible:
"Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Even regardless of what I say about whether coal is good or bad. Because I’m capping greenhouse gases, coal power plants, you know, natural gas, you name it — whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, uh, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that money on to consumers".
 But do you think skyrocketing electricity rates and a ruined economy will affect Barack the Terrible and Algore -- members of the liberal elite? Hell no! This executive order is aimed at the folks who actually pay the bills ... and pay the price for the lefty loon's environmental wackoism. So bend over Mr. and Mrs. America: Here comes "climate change", Barack the Terrible's "fundamental transformation" of your standard of living by executive order. 

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