Thursday, October 25, 2012

Elderly Senior Who Relies on Social Security is Rich Democrat

I know this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone because we've come to expect that Democrat politicians are provable liars -- pure and simple. Not just the "oh, they're all a bunch of liars' kind -- actual, factual liars. Every time Barack Obama's lips are moving, he's lying and you can prove it. Likewise for any other major Democrat candidate -- they have to lie to have a chance to win. But even using the "every major Democrat politician lies his ass off" standard, this one is sleazy:

An elderly man in a widely seen Democratic TV ad who assails Virginia Senate candidate George Allen for backing partial privatization of Social Security, possibly threatening his fixed income, is a prominent Democratic trial lawyer known for defending former Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke in his legal tussles with flamboyant former wife Suzanne Cooke.
In the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ad blanketing Virginia, Edwin Williams is portrayed as a home-bound retiree on fixed income. "I count on Social Security and and I don't want Washington politicians like George Allen privatizing it," says the still active lawyer.
The ad does not further identify Williams, other than show his Social Security benefit papers and the street number on his McLean mailbox on leafy Swinks Mill Road populated with million-dollar brick colonials. His home is assessed at over $987,000. The text of the ad simply calls Williams, "senior."
 Here's the weasel-ass ad:

Yes, there's poor old multi-multi millionaire Edwin Williams who "lives on Social Security" fixed income and doesn't want George Allen privatizing even a tiny chunk of his subsistence income. Never mind the fact that the guy is a rich lawyer -- founder of one of the most prosperous law firms in Virginia. Never mind the fact that "privatizing" Social Security would have no effect on current recipients - they are already drawing theirs. Never mind the fact that the whole program has been one big scam -- a ponzi scheme dreamed up by the Democrat's old hero FDR back in the 30s and has never been sustainable. The very first recipient paid in $18 and received $21,000. Current workers are promised three timeS or more a month what they are currently paying in at retirement, yet it is not earning interest, it's not even invested and, furthermore, it doesn't even exist. For the past 40 years, it has existed only as IOUs because the money is spent in the general fund as soon as it is received. 

So its not just this ad that is a lie. Democrats have bred the lie of Social Security over decades, robbing good people -- not rich, lying liberals -- of the opportunity to invest their money as they wish for their own retirement. And in return, establishing a legacy of entrenched dependence on a subsistence income stream in old age. Liberalism is a lie -- all of it -- and it is well on the way to destroying the very fabric of the economic and financial system of this country if we don't stop it. We are the firewall against the lies and deceit of the liberal left. Stop the lies, stop Barack Obama, stop the radical leftists in their tracks.

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