Monday, October 08, 2012

Mitt Romney Wants to Kill Big Bird

Yes, you heard right: First, Mitt Romney was a tax cheat -- a felon according to Harry "Dirty Land Deal" Reid -- next, he caused some poor sap's wife to die from cancer and "he didn't care". I bet you thought these were bad. Well, don't look now, but ole' Mitt has gone off the deep end  now -- he's proven he's pure evil. Yes, that's correct: Mitt Romney would kill Big Bird.

During the current campaign cycle, we've heard a lot of ridiculous crap about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan from the ObamaBot Zombie drones. After all, if you don't have a positive record to run on, all you CAN do is sling mud at the opposition and hope some of it sticks. But this charge is truly moronic and it amazes me and the sheer number of brainless morons on the left that will repeat this crap.

Yes, that is correct: I am calling substantial portion of the electorate -- ObamaBot Zombies -- brainless morons. You would have to be a brainless moron to accept and repeat this leftist canard and think that it had even a tiny bit of credibility. Believing this requires you to suspend all ability to reason and think things through to a logical conclusion; that is if the majority of these lefty zombies possessed logical thinking skills in the first place. My thought is that the ObamaBot Zombie puppet masters know damn well what they are doing. And they are banking on the unthinking, intellectual dullards that are the ObamaBot Zombie lemming army to repeat this ridiculous charge almost by rote as if in a trance until every ObamaBot Zombie has gotten at least another ten drones to believe that Mitt Romney wants to kill Big Bird.

At the crux of this ridiculous charge is the notion that taxpayers -- you and I (probably NOT many ObamaBot Zombies) should specifically fund certain American's TV viewing choices and not others. We're talking about the nearly $500 million a year the federal government pays to fund public television -- the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. In order to evaluate whether taxpayers should fund Big Bird and the rest of public broadcasting, you need to be able to rationally evaluate the facts, something ObamaBot Zombie morons are utterly incapable of.

I don't care for most of what's on Bravo TV -- particularly those idiotic "housewife" shows.Watching these shows is nearly as tedious as watching an ObamaBot Zombie try to construct a cogent argument. But there is a segment of the population that loves these shows and this network and would love to see like programming funded by the taxpayer. Why don't we have a $445 million federal subsidy for reality television? We would have a whole lot fewer commercials that way. Likewise for one of my favorite channels, HGTV. Or Fox News. Anyone that is not an ObamaBot Zombie moron can tell that every news person on Fox News is far more fair and balanced than that lefty loon Bill Moyers, who has made literally tens of millions of dollars on taxpayer subsidized PBS.

Mitt Romney is right: The programming on PBS is of no more value than any other programming that taxpayers DON'T subsidize. If it adds value to enough viewers lives, it will be able to survive on pay television in the free market just like all other television programming does. If it won't it will fail. In fact, the wildly successful Sesame Street would be equally successful in the free market. Big Bird doesn't need our $445 million a year in subsidies. He has spawned many tens of millions in merchandise himself alone, many tens of millions more if you include the rest of the Sesame Street characters. Think it through, Zombies ...

That is if you are able.

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