Friday, October 12, 2012

Unique Debate Technique: The Obnoxious Liar

As we all know, Barack Hussein Obama, the once and falling liberal messiah, turned in a piss-poor debate performance last week. His handlers found out a couple of things: First, Barry is a deer in the headlights without his pal the teleprompter. Second, soft-pedaled lies told politely don't sell well. What the Democrats needed for the veep debate was a loud-mouthed obnoxious liar and a cooperative moderator. Last night, they got both.

This isn't to say that Joe Biden won the debate -- there wasn't a damn thing Barry's buddy's ex-wife Martha Raddatz, the cooperative moderator, could do about it. To the contrary the majority of the country (with the possible exception of CBS's post-debate polling sample) were put off by his boorish, rude, disrespectful smirking and the 96 interruptions of Paul Ryan which went virtually unchallenged by a once-prominent member of Barry's social circle. (Barry attended Martha and Julius's wedding when he was nothing more than a punk community organizer -- way before he became a punk president. "Julius" is Julius Genachowski, Barry's FCC commissioner and a big proponent of reinstating the Fairness Doctrine as a way to mute conservative talk radio.). But, by golly, the Polident folks had to be happy with Joe's shiny white but obviously fake chompers. 

Joe's technique (or lack thereof) was apparently to lie as loudly and obnoxiously as possible and make the lie sound as authoritative as possible. Problem is that, without exception, Joe never misses an opportunity to stick his foot in his mouth and that doesn't change just because he is on a televised debate in front of tens of millions of people. No, in fact, it seems that Biden was emboldened by the obnoxiousness of his arguments and he seemed to think the the more obnoxious he was, the more authority his lies had. Joe is known for shooting his mouth of, but rarely does he do so with as much confidence and presumed authority as he did last night. Let's look at a couple of examples:

Joe claimed to Martha that extra security was not requested by Ambassador Christopher Stevens even though he knows this is false. State Department cables indicate that extra security was requested as far back as March of this year. Additionally, we just had congressional hearings in which State Department officials admitted that extra security had been requested and there had been death threats against Stevens dating back to last summer.

Joe attempted to revive the old Lloyd Bentsen "you're no Jack Kennedy" canard while Paul Ryan -- the only candidate of vice-presidential timber on stage last night -- tried to calmly explain how John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and GW Bush spurred economic growth and caused treasury revenues to skyrocket by lowering taxes. Fool, that he is, Biden insisted "that's never worked" despite the mountains of evidence that it has and does. What doesn't work is the class warfare that was a staple of his debate material. Again, Ryan, the only person on the stage who looked presidential, calmly explained that you could confiscate all the wealth of every American family making $250,000 a year and over and it would run the country for 60 days. But, ole' Joe has never been one to be bothered with the facts.

Joe Biden didn't do a whole hell of a lot last night besides prove that he is what we all know he is: An old fool. Sure, he may have made the hardcore ObamaBot Zombies all giddy because they mistake an obnoxious boor for a great debater. But anybody with a brain can see past obnoxious, rude, disrespectful behavior that is unbecoming of a guy who is supposed to be the vice president of the United States of America. We see this guy for who he is: An utter fool who, after 40+ years in Washington, symbolizes everything that is wrong with the federal government. Paul Ryan is the best and the brightest. Joe Biden is the last old fool standing.

On his way to being the last old fool standing, he's been on the wrong side of every issue from the Trans-Alaska Pipeline which has safely pumped 18 billion barrels of oil over the last 35 years to all of the steps Ronald Reagan took to win the Cold War and bring down the Soviet Union. He's opposed rational tax policy, solid national defense policy and any economic policy that made any sense. He should have been booted out of Washington on his ass decades ago. Instead, he was the guy selected to add "gravitas" to a ticket headed by a young, inexperienced punk named Barack Obama in 2008 -- not because he was smart and experienced, but because he was an old fool that the Democrats could say had "experience" but wouldn't threaten the inexperienced punk at the top of the ticket -- the lowest common denominator with "experience." Joe Biden is not someone to be taken seriously -- he's a fool to be pitied. And it doesn't matter how loudly, obnoxiously and rudely Joe states his obnoxious lies, they are still just that: Lies.  

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