Tuesday, November 13, 2012

As France Goes so Goes Obamacare

Well since the pansy-ass whipped dog John Boehner has admitted that he is not going to continue to challenge socialized medicine (Obamacare is the law of the land, don't you know) we can expect to see these types of issues coing down the pike in years to come:
AFP - French surgeons began on Monday an open-ended strike to protest against perceived threats to their freedom and pay.

The protest has been called by 30 unions and professional bodies who are making various demands, with organisers claiming a significant impact in some regions.

Hospital surgeons' union Bloc is leading a protest against an agreement accepted by the three largest doctors' unions at the end of October, which says any fees over 2.5 times the basic state tariffs is excessive.

The surgeons argue they have the right to charge higher rates.

Meanwhile, state hospital interns, who have joined in the strike, are fighting against feared new moves limiting the freedom of young doctors to work where they want.

Thousands of interns wearing white coats and surgical masks marched in Paris shouting: "Tomorrow's health lies with young doctors" and "No to discounted medical care".

Doctor's unions, state dictated fees on medical care, pissed off interns -- doctors of the future ... It's all part of the brave old world of socialized medicine. And it's already happeneing now in this country.   Another aspect of the French socialized medicine system protest:  
France has drawn plaudits for its health care system. But many doctors complain of being overworked and fear a slide toward free-market, American-style health care.

Many doctors suspended office hours during the open-ended protests starting Monday, forcing patients to look to emergency rooms for care.
France has drawn plaudits from whom exactly? The leftist news organization Associated Press? I've been a reporter before and I know their propesity to include little throw away lines that mean nothing but sound important like "France has draw plaudits for its health care system". Sounds like it's working real well now that it's "forcing patients to look to emergency rooms for care."

Oddly enough, this is just like the British health care system a few years back: ER service times were so poor because ERs were backed up so badly because the health care system sucked so bad that the queen's subjects couldn't get regular health care that they had to mandate minimum times for service in the emergency room. What happened then? Hospitals began to triage patients in ambulances because unless they made it through the door to the ER, they didn't count on the ER service times stats.

We already have the signs of trouble here. Medical school admissions are down -- after all, why would you take out hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans to take a job where your prosepcts of making the type of money you need to pay off those loans is shrinking by the day? Current doctors are refusing to see Medicare patients because goverment reimbursement rates are way down and going down even more under Obamacare -- the exact thing France's doctors are protesting about is starting to happen here and that limits availability of care.

French doctors are so wedded to their broken socialist system that they are also protesting because they fear free-market reforms -- free-market reforms that are essential to keep France's health care system from collapsing further. Despite AP's claims that France's health care system is great, do you see anyone running to France or Great Britain or Canada for high-quality health care? Hell no, they go to the greatest health care system in the world bar none -- the United States health care system -- the only one in a major world power that bears any semblance of free-market capitalism.

Read the stories about the collapse of France's heatlh care system. Check out the NICE website and see how Great Britain "nicely" rations health care. Look at the waiting times for basic surgeries on the Canadian province web sites and find out how long you have to wait for surgery (Welcome to the surgical wait times web site!). This is where we are headed folks. And we don't want to go there. But apparently, this is what the majority of us want. And until Texas secedes from the union, this is what the rest of us are going to get as well. Forward! Obamacare!

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