Sunday, November 04, 2012

Rich Twits Attempt to Rally Obama Base

Just like 2008, Barry has a wide assortment of rich twits campaigning with him in the hours before the presidential election:

WASHINGTON -- Some big-name celebrities will help President Barack Obama make his closing case to voters in the most competitive states.
Rock singer Bruce Springsteen will perform and introduce Obama on Monday as he kicks off the last day of the campaign in Madison, Wis. The two will then travel together to Columbus, Ohio, for another event with rapper Jay-Z.
First lady Michelle Obama will meet up with the president, Springsteen and Jay-Z later Monday in Des Moines, Iowa, for Obama's last event of the campaign. It's a nod to the state that put Obama on his path to the White House when he won the Iowa caucuses in 2008.

Bear in mind folks: These rich twits don't have to be smart; in many cases they don't even have to be talented. They are rich due to their mass appeal and have drifted through the last four years utterly unaffected by the wreckage their big buddy in the White House has strewn in the wake of his "fundamental transformation" of our society.

As food prices skyrocket, Bruce Springsteen doesn't have to worry when his housekeeper goes out to stock up the pantry. Likewise, it doesn't matter to Jay-Z whether the gas for his Maybach or Rolls Royce or Ferrari is $5 or $10 or even $20 a gallon -- he can afford it. And you can bet that the values on the dozens of mansions these twits own all over the country haven't dropped a whole hell of a lot.Hence, they don't have to spend a whole hell of a lot of time considering what will happen to the average middle class family (their fans) when their tax bill goes up $3,000 or $4,000 a year when Barry allows everyone's taxes to go up.  Barry is cool, he's hip and the fact that they are supporting the re-election of the "first Black president" helps them assuage their rich liberal guilt.

Every totalitarian society has their "rich" class. When the society collapses to the point where the proletariat can no longer afford to pay outrageous prices to be entertained by these brainless twits, the brainless twits will still survive.They have plenty of money stashed away. They'll just spend their time entertaining and sucking up to the ruling class. It's kind of funny how liberals spend so much time obsessing over Mitt Romney's wealth but never worry about the wealth of rich twits like Jay-Z and "The Boss".

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