Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lefty Loons Visit the White House

President Barack Hussein Obama, current and future leader of the formerly free world for the next four years, hosted a cabal of lefty loons at the White House today, ostensibly to allow them to convey their wildest wet dreams to him in order that he could make them coming to life in bright, living color during his second term. Here's what the ebulent lefty loons had to say upon emerging from the White House according to that stellar, Obamacentrict news organization CBS News

Progressives coming out of today's meeting expressed confidence that Mr. Obama would stand his ground on the issue of raising taxes.

"MoveOn's 7 million members will be pleased to know that President Obama today strongly reiterated his steadfast commitment to ensuring that the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent finally end December 31--and to protecting the middle class in the process," MoveOn executive director Justin Ruben said in a statement. He added that his organization is staying "fully mobilized" after the election in order to pressure Republicans on the issue.

Similarly, the Associated Press reports, Service Employees International Union president Mary Kay Henry said labor needs to be "as engaged as we were in the election throughout the rest of this year to make sure we get the Republican House to say yes to tax cuts for the middle class."

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi stressed to reporters today that while Democrats are seeking a "balanced approach" to the fiscal cliff that includes new tax revenues, they are primarily interested in finding some kind of solution. "I want you to be disabused of any notion that there's any widespread thought that it would be a good thing for our country to go over the cliff," she said. "We want an agreement."
Let's cut through the crap and get down to what these folks really are and what they believe.

First of all, these folks aren't "progressive" -- an ordinarily benign word that indicates a desire to move ahead. MoveOn.org and the SEIU are totally unintrerested in moving this country forward in the sense of the word most of us are used to -- these groups want to see us move "Forward!" as in the Obama campaign slogan which is tied to the Commuist catch phrase from the last 100 years. "Forward!" into socialism.

You will recall that MoveOn means "move on" from the notion that we should be concerned about a sitting president who has his member pleasured in our Oval Office by a woman half his age and not his wife and the perjury he engaged in and mobilized the entire White House staff to subporn for him. In other words all this should just be forgetten about and we should "move on" from worrying about having a lying philanderer in the White House. MoveOn's original goal worked because the detestible human being that is William Jefferson Blythe Clinton is now the elder statesman of the Democratic Party.

The SEIU is the foremost union with Obama and his administration firmly planted in its collective back pocket whose former leader Andy Stern was one of the most prolific White House visitors BEFORE he resigned from the union to become a fixture in the 2012 Obama campaign. You should all know who the moron Nancy Pelosi is and if you don't shame on you.

So the radical leftists gathered at the White House and emerged to spew forth their bilge. Bilge like "ensuring that the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent finally end December 31--and to protecting the middle class in the process,"

Let's get this straight MoveOn executive freak and geek Justin Ruben (your parents should be ashamed of you for lying the way you do): It's not the "Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest two percent" (yes proper AP Stylebook grammar says you SPELL numbers one through ten). What we are talking about is what have been the current tax rates for the last 11 years -- on everyone from the lowliest taxpayer to the richest. :Ensuring the "Bush tax cuts ... finally end on December 31" means raising the taxes of millions of middle class Americans by thousands of dollars a year per family, plunging their living standards and dumping the country into another recession when we haven't recovered from the LAST one yet. And raising taxes on the "wealthiest two percent" kills jobs because, dumbass, rich people employ others, leading their employees to economic presperity. Have you ever gotten a job from a welfare mother, dumbass? And Barry Obama the once and future messiah of the left, has indicated his willingness to let ALL the tax rates go up if Republicans don't go along with his plan to overtax the job creators.

The SEIU goofball Mary Kay Henry wants us to believe the crap that Republicans want to raise taxes on the middle class when they don't want to raise taxes on anyone because they know that lowering taxes stimulates the economy and raises tax revenues. In this case, we're not even talking about lowering taxes -- we're just talking about keeping them the same. And her hero -- the president who had her over to the White House to lick her ass -- is right now holding the middle class hostage in his quest to punish the job creators. If he can't get his way, everyone's taxes are going up to the rates of the LAST Democrat administration that were in the process of stalling the economy when Bush lowered them.

And finally we have crap from the mouth of the moron Nancy Pelosi: "I want you to be disabused of any notion that there's any widespread thought that it would be a good thing for our country to go over the cliff,"

Fact is, Pelosi, Obama, the SEIU ditz and the little freak from the MoveOn don't care about the "fiscal cliff". They have been enthusiastically cheering on Obama's headlong rush towards the "fiscal cliff" for the last four years -- trillion-dollar deficits and no budget for the last four years. It is part of Obama's "dreams from his father" -- cutting the imperialist pigs down to size -- and they'd like nothing better than to see us fly right over that fiscal cliff and everything beyond. Let the country go to hell and it won't affect them one bit: They have a powerful statist friend in the White House to protect them.

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