Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Punk President Tells ObamaBot Zombies to "Vote for Revenge"

No, not the "punk" as in "punk rocker" president: The current president who is a punk -- a detestable juvenile completely unworthy of the office of poop scooper in chief let alone commander in chief. The immature jackass told his supporters that voting is their "best revenge."

"Best revenge" against what, a reasonable person might ask? Against every person in the country besides the takers -- those folks who live off the rest of us? Here let's give it a shot at figuring out exactly what The Great and Powerful Obama meant by this:

Revenge against everyone who pays taxes -- everyone -- when he is re-elected (God forbid) and he let's tax rates go up on everyone because he Republicans won't agree to raise taxes on only the people who take personal risk, put their fortunes on the line everyday and employ the rest of us?

Revenge against ANYONE who pays a power bill because as Barry told us before you people elected him the first time "Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket,"  And it has, have you noticed? Coal-fired plants used to provide 50% of this country's energy. Under four years of Barry, that's down to 30%. Meanwhile, if you pay taxes, Barry has thrown billions and billions of your money away on piss-poor "green energy" projects that haven't worked ... While we are paying the skyrocketing energy bills.

Revenge against anyone who puts gas in a car. Have you noticed that gas prices have damn near doubled in the last four years under Barry's stellar leadership? Yeah they are down a little bit now but still nowhere near the $1.79 they were the day he was inaugurated due to the former president -- GW Bush -- actually taken positive steps to impact the price which brought the price down from record highs of $4 a gallon in just a few short months before his term ended. Barry calls the stuff that powers our cars "the energy of the past" and given this attitude, does nothing to try to lower the price. Instead, he refuses to allow exploration in our country, while loaning billions we don't have to countries like Brazil to explore for oil off their coast. We let Cuba, one of our arch enemies along with another arch enemy, Russia, drill for oil off our coasts while forbidding US companies to drill in the very same spots. Yes, Barry has a hate on for your car and the gas that makes it go. He wants you to catch a "light rail" train from a little pod apartment  in a little pod urban area to your little cubicle in the city.

Revenge against anyone who BUYS groceries (emphasis added)  -- not to be confused with those who CONSUME groceries paid for by the rest of us. You see these folks all the time -- the ones who fill their carts to the brim with every conceivable name brand food. You see them in line in front of you whipping out their food stamp card to pay for hundreds of dollars in groceries. I've often thought about telling them "you're welcome", but never have gotten up the nerve. But I digress ... As I was saying , anyone who actually PAYS for groceries knows that food prices have skyrocketed under Barry's stellar leadership largely due to increased environmental regulation and the cost of shipping food given the high cost of fuel to transport it. 

So go ahead ObamaBot Zombies -- try to get your revenge on the rest of us at the ballot box on Wednesday the 7th. But I bet most of you fit into at least ONE of the categories above. So in voting to re-elect the worst president in modern American history, you'll be taking out revenge on yourself. So touche!

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