Sunday, October 10, 2010

Attorney General Moonbeam's Phone Troubles

Jerry "Governor Moonbeam" Brown has lived 72 years, served two terms as governor of California,was mayor of Oakland for years, has been California Attorney General for three years now, and after all this, he apparently never learned how to hang up a phone. No wonder everything this guy touches turns to crap. Perhaps its all the alleged drug use. If Californians elect this guy governor, they deserve everything they get. Yes, it'll be time to cut the state loose and let it float over to China.

But let's hope the fine citizens of the state of California have more sense than this. Meg Whitman is no conservative, but she knows how to run a company and California needs someone who's been responsible for the bottom line of a private company and been successful at it to turn their financial mess around. Chris Christy she ain't, but she's a hell of a lot better than their alternative.

Which brings us back to Governor Moonbeam, the guy who is chiefly responsible for the mess California is in today having set the stage for it better than 30 years ago. Because this idiot doesn't know how to use a phone, Whitman has a gift in the form of the Brown camp calling her a "whore" that should help take the focus off the trumped up illegal housekeeper scandal thrown at her by rabid commie lib Gloria Allred.  Unlike this apparent set-up of Meg Whitman and Allred's sacrificing an illegal alien on the altar of the prospect of another gubernatorial term for her buddy Jerry, the Brown camp can't even remotely connect Whitman's campaign to "whoregate". Unless, of course, Governor Moonbeam is going to claim that Meg's campaign forced him to forget how to hang up the phone, then compounded the problem by forcing his aid to call Whitman a whore. 

If Brown can call lie about Whitman and call her a whore I can tell the truth about Brown and call him a dumbass. Let's all hope this scandal torpedoes dumbass Jerry "Governor Moonbeam" Brown's campaign. As I said before, if they elect him governor, flush the whole state -- it's done.

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