Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Obamacare Nightmare Continues ...

And will continue to until the whole thing is repealed. But the next shoe to drop is the waivers. In other words, we know everyone's pissed off about this so issue temporary waivers that expire a year before Obama's re-election bid so that the segment of the public that has the collective attention span of a flea will forget about this before November 2012. 
This is simple and exactly as us conservatives predicted: Obamacare (or Hillarycare -- remember they tried this back in 1993 and I still have the glossy bound 1300+ page plan to prove it -- or any other form of socialized medicine) is an unconstitutional intrusion on our liberties that will bankrupt the country and ruin the best health care system in the world. Obama knows this and only cares about it right now because it is a prime reason his party's chances of keeping their majority in the House (and maybe the Senate) are in the crapper. So he grants waivers of the inevitable -- the bankrupting of health insurers and major corporations as they struggle to cope with the mandates. All this serves to do is briefly postpone the total dependence and despair that is the goal of Obama's brand of Fabian Socialism. If he thought he could get by with it and the Democrats weren't staring one of the worst congressional defeats in better than 100 years square in the face there would be no waivers -- save the ones for the unions because they are his buddies.  

And of course another thing us conservatives have been saying since before this jackass (in the interest of proper attribution, I have to credit Rush Limbaugh for popularizing this moniker for The Fallen Messiah) was elected president is that nothing that he and the super majority he has in both houses do will do anything to improve the economy. Obamacare, Obama cap and tax, Obama tax increases: They all add up to economic uncertainty that crushes entrepreneurship and creates an environment where businesses don't want to hire because they don't know what other Hugo Chavez-like mandate may come down from Hugo's protege that will tighten the "boot on their necks" to paraphrase an Obama Administration official. We won't have positive job growth unless and until we throw these bums out on their asses.

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