Friday, October 08, 2010

The Rats, (and Assorted Weasels) are Deserting a Sinking Ship

James Jones ain't a rat by any stretch of the imagination. He's an honorable Marine who served in Vietnam and put in 40 years in service to our country. One can only surmise that the reason why he stuck around the Obama Administration as long as he did was because of his great love of country and wanting to do everything he could for the folks who give it their all to defend our liberty ever day. But apparently, he's had enough. Jones is leaving his job as national security adviser leaving the job to a Democrat political hack who hates the military. Just the person to be advising the president of the United States on all matters of national security. But since The Former Messiah shares Tom Donilon's hatred for the military, they'll both be in good company. Too bad the rest of us that depend on a secure nation won't be. 
Jones follows a weasel, a hog, and what could only be described as a tired rat-looking creature - both of the latter who profess to be "economists" (using the term loosely) out the door. 

Can everybody sing "the wheels on the (Obama) bus are coming off, coming off, coming off .....

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