Saturday, October 02, 2010

Obama Gets An Earful From A "Rich" Guy

The Fallen Messiah came to a "middle class" home in Iowa the other day. As has been increasingly the case in this campaign season, he's finding that the "hope and change" message of two years ago doesn't play in Peoria very well any more considering the change is exactly the opposite of what the Former Messiah promised. If it don't play in Peoria anymore, it sure as hell don't play in Des Moines. Des Moines is where David Greenspon has owned and run a small business for the last thirty years. He's worked his ass off to make a good living for himself and provide employment for dozens of people. And he had a few words for the Exalted Ex-Messiah -- a guy who wouldn't know how to create a job if it walked up and bit him on the ass:

What was Obama's response to hearing what actually creates jobs from a man who has spent the past thirty years busting his ass every day to create them? If you watched the above video, you know: He didn't want to hear it. He flat cut David Greenspon, owner of Competitive Edge in Des Moines, Iowa, employer of 100 people, off. This pompous jackass who hasn't created a job in his entire life -- the man who has devoted the majority of his 49 years to whining and complaining about people who DO create jobs -- is so committed to his rigid leftist tax and spend ideology that advice from a real person who has actually created jobs just doesn't register with him. It does not compute. 

If you listen to Greenspon's story, as he told it in numerous interviews after his close encounter with the Chicago Marxist who unfortunately occupies the White House, it's not a whole lot different than the millions of other small businesspeople who create 80% of the jobs in this country. He started his business nearly 30 years ago when he was in his mid-20s. It was probably just him and a couple of other people at first. Eventually it grew to employ 100 people -- 100 people who are able to provide a home for their families and put food on the table because back in his mid-20s Greenspon put everything on the line for his dream. 

As Greenspon pointed out to The Anointed One, just because a small business person may carry $1 million in inventory, several hundred thousand in accounts receivables and posses several million in property and equipment does not mean that person is a "millionaire". As Greenspon pointed out, he doesn't take money out of his business. He has paid himself the same salary for 10 years and plows the profits back in to the business to grow it. Yet, he is one of the people that The Anointed One and the Vice Buffoon say they "can't afford" to give $100,000 (in Greenspon's case, probably less) to. Never mind the fact that they aren't giving Greenspon or any other small business person anything and these folks aren't asking for anything. All they want is to be able to keep THEIR money -- money they rightfully earned -- so they can keep growing their businesses, employing more people, growing the economy and reducing unemployment.

Capitalism, what a concept. A concept that is completely lost on the Marxist, Socialists and assorted Communists now in charge of the executive branch and both houses of congress.

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