Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Call to Action in a Troubled Country

It's been better than five years since I've posted here. I'm back because I'm going to try to do my little part to spread the word about how the very things we all love so much about this country are being stripped away right in front of our eyes. I never thought I'd see the day when we'd literally be fighting tooth and nail every day to preserve our liberties but the day has come. If the election of Barack Obama as president wasn't enough to wake people up, certainly his pursuit of the most radical socialist agenda of any president in history HAS to be. It is long past time for me to step up my activism. It's long past time for YOU to step up your activism as well if you care about your freedom and liberties and want this great country to remain great and if you want your children and grandchildren to be able to access the same benefits of this great country that you and I enjoy today.

The benefits of our free society are slipping away -- disappearing in the quicksand of the liberal's (Democrat's) socialist agenda. We have saddled our kids and their kids with $12 trillion in debt and the president is proposing to add trillions more to it to turn our health care system over to government bureaucrats. While kids are screaming for freedom and dying in the streets of Iran, our president "respects the sovereignty" of the regime that is beating them to death, slitting their throats and shooting them. The president sits and twiddles his thumbs while a pissant third-world dictator continues to improve his missile systems while simultaneously conducting nuclear weapons tests. Now he threatens to shoot a long-range missile in the direction of Hawaii. The president's response? He slashes money for proven missile defense because he claims it doesn't work. At the same time, his lapdog defense secretary moves one of these anti-missile batteries that the president claims doesn't work into place in Hawaii in anticipation of a missile attack by North Korea.

Yes folks, we are living the Chinese proverb. But the "interesting times" we live in threaten our very existence. Our economic security and our national security are in serious trouble. Meanwhile, the modern-day embodiment of Nero flies off on $25,000 dates to New York, holds extravagant parties weekly at the White House. Flies in a chef from Hawaii, a pizza-maker from St. Louis and still has time between the parties and the turmoil for interminable rounds of golf.

It's time for action folks. Won't you join me?

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