Friday, June 26, 2009

Urgent: Help Defeat Waxman-Markey

Maybe you’ve heard about the “historic energy bill” up on Capitol Hill right now. President Obama claims Waxman-Markey (the House version of the bill) will lower costs and result in economic stimulation through “green” jobs (whatever the hell those are). “Make no mistake” The Messiah intones, “This is a jobs bill.” What a load of crap. What it is is an economy-killing boondoggle that will stifle economic activity through a “cap and trade” system where major industries and power companies will be required to buy “carbon credits” to offset their “overproduction” of carbon dioxide. The Messiah has pointed to Spain as the model for the “green jobs” he hopes to create here. The only problem is that Spain’s “green jobs” initiative has been a miserable failure, resulting in 18 percent unemployment and net job losses according to a study by a Spanish economist.

Every junior high science student can tell you that carbon dioxide is a product of our respiration that plants, in turn, use to make oxygen. This kind of makes carbon dioxide an essential atmospheric gas – hardly a pollutant that needs to be regulated and traded as a taxable commodity. Yet this is what they intend to do and they intend to get this done TOMORROW in the U.S. House. After Waxman-Markey passes the House, it’s on to reconciliation with the Senate version then quickly to The Messiah’s desk for a signature. If this happens, we may never again see economic prosperity of the kind we’ve all become accustomed to in the last 20 years or so. And that is the goal. This has nothing to do with global warming. Brian Sussman, a meteorologist by trade, currently a talk show host in San Francisco, probably has one of the best layman’s explanations of the scam that is global warming. There are literally hundreds of explanations about the scam that is global warming all over the Internet and thousands of actual climate scientists (not the phony "every scientist" scientists that the enviro-Nazis claim to have on their side) that believe that global warming is a scam. But you won’t hear this in a Messiah-infatuated liberal media that is hell bent on pushing the global warming as fact. If stopping “global warming” isn’t the goal, what is the goal? The goal is, as one of the top assistants to former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan said is to destroy the leading industrial economies. We’ve often heard The Messiah whine about how we in the U.S. are 5% of the world’s population yet we use 25% of the world’s resources – a dubious statistic to be sure – and the “cap and trade” scam in Waxman-Markey is the perfect way to cut us down to size.

What does this mean to all of us? It means a wholesale change in the way we live brought about by massive increases in the cost of everything due to the taxes brought about by the “trade” portion of “cap and trade”. John Fehrman, the president of Mid-American Energy – the primary place many Iowans buy their power from says that their estimates put their increased costs at $280 million a year.

He says they haven’t raised base power rates in nearly 15 years but this bill would force a massive rate increase due to the fact that the majority of their power is coal-generated. Not only will you pay it in your energy bill, you’ll pay it in the cost of everything you buy. The Heritage Foundation has estimated the annual cost for a family of four will be nearly $3,000 a year. How many of you can afford an extra $3,000 a year in taxes passed on to you to cap the emission of a naturally-occurring atmospheric gas that is essential for life. The aggregate cost over 25 years for a family of four will be $71,000. Most of us have kids that will be marrying and beginning families in the next few years and many of us already have kids with young families. Think of that young family starting out and having to absorb an additional $3,000 a year in energy costs EVERY year for the entire generation they are raising their kids.

What can we do about this affront to our liberty? It’s not what we CAN do, it’s what we MUST do. Contact your congressman and tell them you oppose Waxman-Markey or any “carbon tax” or “cap and trade” legislation. For those of you in Central Iowa, yours is Leonard Boswell 202-225-3806 or in Des Moines 515-282-1909. As of 11 PM tonight, both of those mailboxes were full – probably with messages about opposition to Waxman-Markey. You can also fax a note to 202-225-5608 or 515-282-1785. If all else fails, there is the web form. For anyone outside of Iowa or in another district you can find your representative’s contact information at

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