Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meet Senator Stuart Smalley

Minnesota finally has a senator -- a mean-spirited nasty little man; the male equivalent of Janeane Garofalo. Stuart Smalley aka Al Franken is the senator-elect in Minnesota, having defeated Republican Norm Coleman in what can only be described as the most crooked senate contest of the 2008 election season. (Now that the commie libs are absolutely drunk with power, expect many more of these crooked, nasty Senate -- and House -- races in the coming years.)

This guy is a failed liberal talk show host from a failed liberal radio network who raked in huge contract payments even as the network he headlined went broke and his ratings went in the proverbial crapper. He's an extreme lefty political hack -- the 60th vote the Statists need to break any filibuster, including one on the upcoming cap and tax bill and "universal" health care. He's not even a funny comedian, which is apparently why he had to launch ANOTHER failed career as a liberal talk show host. And his idea of rational debate is to call Rush Limbaugh a big fat idiot (kind of hard to justify now that the king of talk radio has lost 90 pounds). In short, there really isn't anything to recommend the junior senator from Minnesota. My condolences to the folks to my north; hence, the newest Iowa/Minnesota joke:

An Iowan and a Minnesotan were standing on a street corner trading political insults. "Oh, yeah, says the Minnesotan, well one of your senators is Tom Harkin." "Yes", says the Iowan, "but one of YOUR senators is Al Franken." Touché.

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