Saturday, June 27, 2009

Obama Flip Flops On Terrorist Detentions

It seems the liberal's president has finally admitted that George W. Bush was right about keeping terrorists imprisoned but do you think the mainstream media will admit this?

Boy what a shocker!!!! Some of these guys really ARE bad enough to keep indefinitely. And it seems that The Messiah is having more than a little bit of trouble getting persuading other countries that taking a few of the worst of the worst terrorist into their countries. And, what a surprise! Only the nuttiest of the nutty localities in this country want to have terrorists as neighbors. Since The Messiah doesn't want to put them up on the south lawn of the White House and bumblin' Joe Biden doesn't want to move them into One Observatory Circle, The Messiah's Administration has a big problem -- make that 250 of them. The solution? Do exactly what you criticized the previous president for doing. You see campaigning for president and actually BEING president are two different things. The only difference is that Bush received blistering criticism from the "unbiased" media for wanting to keep these guys locked up in the best place to keep them locked up -- Guantanamo Bay. Obama will receive no criticism whatsoever for his decision to keep them locked up by executive order. Have you heard ANYTHING about this it the liberal media? No media bias there!

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