Monday, October 14, 2013

Bob Costas Shoots his Mouth off on the Redskins Name "Controversey"

Americans who are into sports might tell you that Bob Costas is a "legendary sports broadcaster". To me, he's just a guy with a microphone and a camera whose mouth tends to run way ahead of his brain. It happened again yesterday during halftime of the Cowboys Redskins game. Here's the essential part of his little politically-correct rant:

Let’s start here: there’s no reason to believe that owner Daniel Snyder, or any official or player from his team, harbors animus towards Native Americans, or chooses to disrespect them. This is undoubtedly also true of the vast majority of those who don’t think twice about the longstanding moniker. And in fact, as best could be determined, even a majority of Native Americans say they are not offended.

Let's stop there, Bob. Because it's after this point that your mouth starts running way ahead of your brain. "Legendary sports broadcaster", perhaps. Deep thinker, not so much, over thinker, perhaps:

But, having stipulated that, there’s still a distinction to be made. Objections to names like Braves, Chiefs, Warriors and the like, strike many of us as political correctness run amuck. These nicknames honor, rather than demean. They’re pretty much the same as Vikings, Patriots, or even Cowboys. And names like Blackhawks, Seminoles and Chippewas, while potentially problematic, can still be okay provided the symbols are appropriately respectful. Which is where the Cleveland Indians, with the combination of their name and Chief Wahoo logo, have sometimes run into trouble.
 So all of these nicknames are just fine. But somehow the nickname Redskins is offensive even though no one but a bunch of sniveling little leftists, including the president of the United States are offended. If real cowboys were offended about the nickname Cowboys, would you be in a rant about how that name was un-pc, Bob?

Here's some advice, Bob: Shut up and try not to think any deeper than your next sports broadcast. Trying to do otherwise clearly overwhelms your brain. Leave the Redskins alone.

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