Sunday, October 13, 2013

Surprise: The Iranian Ayatollah Puppet Renegs on Nuclear Pledge

What a shocker! Who da' thunk it?

(Reuters) - Iran on Sunday rejected the West's demand to send sensitive nuclear material out of the country but signaled flexibility on other aspects of its atomic activities that worry world powers, ahead of renewed negotiations this week.
Talks about Iran's nuclear programme, due to start in Geneva on Tuesday, will be the first since the election of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who has tried to improve relations with the West to pave a way for lifting economic sanctions.
Rouhani's election in June to succeed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has raised hopes of a negotiated solution to a decade-old dispute over Iran's nuclear programme that could otherwise trigger a new war in the volatile Middle East.
In leftist media reports about Iran, you'll find a lot of asinine sentences. But this one is right up there with the worst of them: 
 Rouhani's election in June to succeed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has raised hopes of a negotiated solution to a decade-old dispute over Iran's nuclear programme
Rouhani is a puppet of the Ayatollah, just like the nut job before him. And while he is a lot mellower that the nut job before him, he still subscribes to the the Iranian national anthem: Death to America. It's printed on their missiles, it's shouted in their streets, it's the prevailing national slogan. So there's one word for people who are surprised by the paragraph above: Moron.

But Barck the Terrible, he's tough as nails ... When it comes to  dealing with people who don't want to see this country pile trillions of dollars of debt onto our its children and grandchildren.Those people are "extremists" and "anarchists". The leader of a militant dictatorship whose leadership wants to kill all of us: That's just the kind of person Barry is slobbering all over himself to talk to.

Likewise for negotiating with the people who don't want to see our kids suffer a financial Armageddon: no negotiating with those folks: He'll call them into negotiations just to tell him he won't negotiate. For Barry, it's full speed ahead  on the road to the country's financial ruin or nothing. Obamacare is a unmitigated failure, but there is no negotiating over it: Fully fund it or nothing. Even though everyone hates it, the web site hasn't worked for two weeks and it's full of bugs that hackers could take advantage of, we won't even talk about delaying the individual mandate for even a year.

It's different between Barack the Terrible and the crazy people who want to kill us though: THESE people he can and will negotiate with. In fact he and his leftist buddies will no doubt give away the farm to negotiate with  this cabal of leftist nut jobs:
Iran says it will never give up its "right" to refine uranium and Western experts acknowledge it may no longer be realistic to expect Iran to suspend all such work, as demanded by a series of U.N. Security Council resolutions since 2006.
So if we don't succumb to a total economic collapse brought about by Barack the Terrible's refusal to negotiate with the people who want to save us from financial Armageddon, we'll may end up getting nuked by the Iranian nut jobs Barack the Terrible is eager to negotiate with. You can't get much crazier than this.

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