Wednesday, October 02, 2013

No Deal! Barack the Terrible won't Negotiate with Congress

Please don't tell me Boehner hasn't tried to negotiate with Barack the Terrible. It seems he's just not interested:
House Speaker John Boehner said President Barack Obama refused to negotiate in a meeting with top congressional leaders about the government shutdown, signaling a lack of progress on resolving the fiscal impasse.
As he exited a meeting today at the White House, Boehner said Obama must recognize that the U.S. has a divided government.
“The American people expect their leaders to come together and try to find ways to resolve their differences,” said Boehner, an Ohio Republican.
Obama met with Boehner and the other congressional leaders for more than an hour. The president said earlier that he was “exasperated” with some House Republicans.
“The House could act today to reopen the government and stop the harm this shutdown is causing to the economy and families across the country,” the White House said in a statement after the meeting. “The president remains hopeful that common sense will prevail.”
Barry has this backwards: We know from past experience that Johnny Boehner is more than willing to negotiate with Barry. But at the same time, Boehner realizes what a disaster Obamacare is as evidenced by the fact that today, the health insurance exchanges went worse than yesterday.  The "exchanges" in some states have fewer than one percent of visitors signing up.  It appears that the highest sign-up rate is a dismal 5.6% in Kentucky. It is clear that there are more "lookers" than "takers". Apparently the actual product isn't very popular. All this seems to be in line with the fact that most people don't need this monstrosity -- they already have health insurance. But that doesn't stop the statists from turning the health insurance market upside down for the sake of covering a handful  of Americans.

This roll out has been every bit the disaster some of us predicted. Clearly the best thing to do would be to defund this dog or at the very least put it off for a year and give the socialists time to re-group and get their act together while we work to get it scrapped. But as much of a failure as this roll out has been, Barack the Terrible is determined to engage in a selective government shutdown in order to push through the funding for this dog of a law.

In the middle of this "crisis", Barry found plenty of time to golf on Sunday and worthless Harry Reid didn't see fit to gavel in the Senate until 2PM yesterday when most of us had already been at work for six or seven hours. They are obviously not concerned about the shutdown. They want their health care takeover that was designed from the beginning to fail and create a situation where the government has to step in and nationalize the health care system. They are willing to take the government out of service to do it. Shame on the Barack the Terrible and shame on Harry Reid.

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