Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Tirade Against the Leftist Media Propaganda Machine and their Airport Monopoly

Why is it that EVERY airport in the good ole' US of A broadcasts second-rate cable news? 

Seems like the only "news" programs that run on airport screens are from the appendages of the Obama Administration -- CNN and MSNBC. Most of the time they are innocuous, However on this particular morning in an extremely busy terminal of one of the busiest airports in the country, I had the indignity of having to listen to Wolf Blitzer blasting over the PA for about thirty minutes after which I had to email airport mgmt. to complain. 

The exchanges in 30 minutes of "news" were positively hilarious. The first ten minutes of the "news broadcast" were consumed with Barack the Terrible's mea culpa on his crappy health insurance web site (crappy insurance, crappy web site). The important message about this topic?

    • Not that the web site STILL doesn't work right after better than three weeks and last weekend's "tech surge". 
    •   Not that the damn thing cost the taxpayers better than $300 million. Not that the primary contractor said the leftists at HHS mucked the thing up at the last minute by insisting that visitors deposit all their personal information before browsing for insurance (can you imagine any company doing this?).
    •   Not the revelation that HHS (and presumably Barack the Terrible) knew the thing was going to bomb BEFORE it was launched because testing with a couple hundred users caused it to bomb.
    •  No mention of the fact that this whole three and a half year circle jerk was totally unnecessary given the fact that 85% of Americans had health insurance before Obamacare and the “poor” were already covered or of the fact that Florida Blue is dropping 300,000 Floridians off their single coverage due to Obamacare cost increases. 
    •   There was NO curiosity about the revelation from Kathleen Sibelius (who should be out of a job by now) to some CNN doctor that the president of the United States was apparently unaware and/or unconcerned about the impending failure of the crown jewel of his administration's accomplishments thus far.
Wolf and the info babe were utterly unconcerned about these and many other troubling aspects of the Obamacare and the continued problems with its failed web interface.What did they think was important for their "well-informed" viewers to know?

Two things: 
    •    IT WASN’T BARACK THE TERRIBLE’S FAULT!!!!!!! It was very important to make sure their viewers heard them solemnly repeat Kathleen Sibelius’s assertion to CNN's Sanjay Gupta that Barack DID NOT KNOW the launch of the signature initiative of his political career was going to bomb and bomb spectacularly before it actually bombed spectacularly. About as believable as the notion that he knew nothing about what was going on in Benghazi. But Wolf and his info babe lackey solemnly made sure that this spin was an integral part of their “news” report.  
    •   IT IS BEING FIXED!!!!!!!!!: We know it is being fixed, Wolf and his info babe implored, because Saint Nancy Pelosi repeated this umpteen billion times in a press conference so it must be true. Nothing to worry about anymore: Queen Nancy said it was being fixed and to use the old adage about  leftists, you can make a lie the truth if you just repeat it enough times. So Nancy repeated this enough times to make it true. Wolf made sure it was clear that there is nothing wrong with the product itself -- Obamacare is just great.  Therefore, if Nancy says the web site will be fixed, problem solved. It MUST be true.  Might as well replace Wolf Blitzed with Jay Carney.

On to more important “news”.

A leftist "mole" in the administration of Barack the Terrible was tweeting terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things about leftists anonymously. Some little leftist twerp from The Daily Beast reported on this most important story. That Wolf obviously had a man crush on the kid was embarrassingly evident as he gushed throughout the piece about what a fantastic reporter the little twerp was. BTW: NEWS FLASH, dateline CNN approx. 10:15 Pacific time, a scoop that only CNN had: The lefty mole apparently tweeted nasty things about the Daily Beast twerp as well. Positively earth-shattering and absolutely breathtaking reporting, twerp! 

We saved the real important business (seriously) for nearly the bottom of the hour: A 24-year-old Massachusetts teacher was apparently slain by a 7th grader, her body dumped behind the school. Glad we got the REAL important business of shilling for the leftist bureaucracy out of the way first. In the end, it was like a miracle: No sooner had I sent the send button on my Galaxy SIII to fire off the complaint about CNN, the volume lowered and Wolf's droning monotone went away. It was as if an act of divine intervention had taken place. 

I know my complaint will go unnoticed. Big airports probably get paid handsomely to blitz their terminals with Wolf Blitzed and his colleagues in the leftist propaganda business. After all, the leftist media's ratings are in the tank so it isn't like they torture air travelers with a steady diet of leftist propaganda due to popular demand. But at least I did my little part to fight back against the commie lib media monopoly in airports.

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