Thursday, October 03, 2013

Iran's Puppet President Boasts of Dissing Barack the Terrible Five Times

Iran's Ayatollah puppet president Rouhani is boasting that he turned down five requests to meet with the liberal's president Barack the Terrible:
Rouhani said:
"Before my trip (to New York), the Americans had sent 5 messages to arrange a meeting between me and Obama, but I turned them down."
"Then they raised a plan for a brief meeting, but I didn’t agree (with it) much; we didn’t disagree with (the idea to have) a meeting, but its grounds weren’t prepared."
The Iranian leader also said that he had achieved his mission at the UN "to prevent a new war in the region," and he mocked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his strident speech earlier in the week, saying that Israel is merely frustrated that its own power has declined as Iran's power has grown.
The White House had stoked media anticipation last week by indicating the possibility of a meeting between President Obama and President Rouhani on the sidelines of the UN before Rouhani turned down the suggestion. That was the only known snub before Rouhani claimed to have denied Obama an additional five times. The two leaders spoke by telephone instead--the first such contact between the two nations in three decades.
Both of these guys are liars, one is the leader of a totalitarian state, the other is a community organizer (read liar and troublemaker) who is dragging a once-great country kicking and screaming into some kind of a totalitarian state. Given the fact that I have less experience with Rouhani being a liar than I have a with Obama being a liar and given the fact that the last big story before the government shut down was Obama slobbering all over Iran and the prospect of "peace" with a government that hates us all and wants us all dead, I'd have to believe Rounhani on this one. 

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