Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Republicans Negotiating the Terms of their Surrender on Budget and Debt Ceiling

Yes, Republicans are furiously negotiating the terms of their surrender on the budget and debt ceiling. The Senate has already caved. The House is about to follow.

The Republicans started out firm on the notion that they would not fund Obamacare .... until they weren't firm on it. Their fallback position was putting off the individual mandate for a year ... until it wasn't. Then, their fallback position seemed to be the elimination of one of Obamacare's onerous taxes -- the "medical device tax"... Then it wasn't. Who knows what the Republican's fallback position is now but it appears to be total capitulation to the Democrat's demands to continue to fuel Barack the Terrible's (and their) appetite for reckless spending.

Meanwhile back at the White House Barack the jackass in chief couldn't care less about the frenzy going on down the street. We know he was grandstanding at a food pantry Monday, we know he's been busy organizing the carefully choreographed displays of the pain he can cause when 17% of the government is shutdown. His minions and the leftist media are furiously spinning that these shutdowns were caused by the evil Republicans and his loyal cadre of goose-stepping leftists on Capitol Hill are calling Republicans the vilest names imaginable even as the Republicans are negotiating the terms of their surrender. He's probably playing a pick-up game with his buddy Jay-Z right now.

The media are in full panic mode: OH NO, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW THE U.S. GOES INTO DEFAULT! THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT WILL END! I didn't see one "conservative" voice on television tonight refute this bullshit.

Fox News's resident village idiot Juan Williams (the other one, Bob Beckel, was on the hour before) sat between Rich Lowry and George Will spouting asinine Democrat/Obama talking points that went entirely unchallenged. How can you claim to be a conservative and not be able to refute the talking points of a blithering idiot puppet of the left?

Let's get a few things straight here:

First of all, there is no such thing as a "clean CR" -- continuing resolution for you low information voters out there. There absolutely nothing that is "clean" about this messy process. The whole fact that we are even entertaining this "CR" talk is because Democrats and their totalitarian jackass president are too irresponsible to come up with a budget. To do so means they would have to come to terms with their reckless out of control spending problem. And Republicans are no better because they continue to let Democrats get by with this and some of them even endorse this recklessness.

Secondly, we are not headed for impending "default" and financial disaster if we don't raise the debt ceiling by Thursday. The federal government takes in ten times as much in revenue a month as it takes to service the debt. If we DO default it would be because Barack Obama chooses to default because it is up to the executive branch to prioritize how the money that comes in is spent and the Constitution demands that the interest on the debt be paid first.

Third, all we are doing if the Republicans capitulate to the demands for more reckless spending and an increase in the debt ceiling is kicking the can on down the road which merely prolongs the looming financial disaster. Economic illiterate that he is, Barack the Terrible claims that raising debt ceiling doesn't mean increasing the debt. Yet he says that not allowing the country to take on MORE debt will ruin our good credit rating.If raising the debt ceiling didn't mean increasing our debt, we wouldn't have to be having these battles over raising the debt ceiling every few months -- we are raising the debt ceiling precisely because we are increasing the debt by $1 trillion or more every year because this is about how much federal government expenditures exceed revenues every year. I don't know which is worse: If Barack Obama is indeed an economic illiterate or if he knows what he's doing and is deliberately driving us over the fiscal cliff. The pessimist in me says he knows exactly what he's doing and that's the exact reason why Republicans must stop him. But it appears they just don't have the gonads to do so.

Fourth the argument by some "conservatives" such as Lowry and Will who were either unwilling or unable to refute the inane leftist talking points put forth by village idiot Juan Williams, is that we need to just let Obamacare go ahead because it is such a failure that it will collapse on its own. If this were true, Social Security would have collapsed way back in the 1960s and Lyndon Johnson's Great Society, miserable failure that it is, would have gone by the wayside in the mid-70s. If we lose this budget battle over Obamacare funding -- and it appears that the Republican leadership is about to -- Obamacare will be entrenched as the largest single entitlement in world history. We know it doesn't work, its roll out has been a miserable failure, but we're going to be stuck with it and it is going to radically transform this country as we know it from a quasi-bankrupt welfare state to a full-on bankrupt, third-world welfare state over time.

Which brings me to my last point: This current budget battle isn't just about how to get the country through the current fiscal crisis. It's about the kind of legacy we are going to leave for our children and their children. And, in negotiating their surrender on the budget, the debt ceiling and Obamacare our Republican representatives in Washington D.C. are telling all of us that they don't give a damn about our kids, our grand kids and the legacy of taxation, poverty and crushing debt we are leaving for them.

The legacy of debt we're talking about here is the tens of trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities of the welfare state the Democrats have created over the last 80 years. Right now, that total is almost $100 trillion -- an unfathomable number -- and grows by $7 trillion a year. There's no way any of us are going to be able to make a dent in this in our lifetimes unless some fiscal sanity is restored. This debt is going to fall like of ton of bricks on our kids and their kids. In the last five years, we've already seen a situation where young adults starting families are beginning to find that they are probably not going to be able to match the lifestyle their parents gave them, let alone exceed it. They stand to be the first generation in American history that will not be able to live a better and more prosperous life in adulthood than their parents did. And apparently the House and Senate leadership have decided that the surrendering in the current budget battle is more important than dealing with the cruel legacy we are leaving our children.

If the Republicans surrender our children's economic security for the sake of a short term debt ceiling battle, (and it appears that they are about to because you don't see any of them short of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul talking about the perils of the debt) they are no better that the Harry Reids, Nancy Pelosis and Barack Obamas of the world. They are as much a part of the problem and the leftists are and they need to be removed from office.


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