Friday, October 18, 2013

Fox's James Rosen Chases Jay Carney from the White House Press Room

James Rosen, Fox News Reporter and Obama Administration investigation target had some tough questions for White House spokes-idiot Jay Carney about a certain memo he released the day before the Benghazi attacks that indicates Barack the Terrible's Administration knew there was going to be a credible terror threat the next day, Carney was not happy:

Q: Well, that is their conclusion. And this has led them to refocus their attention on a press release that your office issued on September 10, the day before the attacks. It was very brief. It was four sentences. But it essentially stated that the president, on that day, September 10, 2011, had met with key national security principals to assure that as the eve of the 11th anniversary of 9/11 approached, steps were being taken to assure the protection of U.S. personnel and assets. It alluded further to meetings that John Brennan at that time had held.

MR. CARNEY: James, the president of the United States, as did his predecessor, received a briefing from his national security team, principals of that team, on the eve of the anniversary of 9/11 on the actions that were being taken both here in the homeland and around the world in preparation for potential threats. If your question is, was the preparation for — or was there adequate security at the diplomatic facility in Benghazi to protect the Americans there, the answer is categorically no. As the president said after the attack in Benghazi. Which is why he said he would make sure that his administration did everything it could to bring those to justice who killed four Americans. 
As you can see Mr. Claire Shipman tried the same BS line they been using for a year now. But Mr. Rosen persisted:
Q: (Inaudible) — your reply to me focused on the work of the ARB, which as a statutory issue does not have jurisdiction over military posture and deployment.
And your answer to me also emphasized the question of security in the consulate itself. But the piece of Benghazi over which the House Armed Services Subcommittee that I’m talking about does have jurisdiction is not with respect to the ARB’s work or with respect to the DS facilities on site of Benghazi. It is with respect to the posturing of the military in a volatile time around the world, which as we now know from retrospect was so poor as to make rescue and remedy impossible.
Then Carney got snotty:
MR. CARNEY: The “poor” statement is a reflection of an assessment made by Republicans who have, as you know, attempted unfortunately to make this a partisan issue.
Q: Allow me to –
MR. CARNEY: And I would simply say, when it comes to — and I know that we’re creating an exchange here for Fox and I’m mindful of that, but allow me to suggest that questions about the posturing of defense forces are usually better addressed at the Pentagon.
Mr. Rosen fired back:
 Q: My question to you, Jay, is, first of all, what we’re engaged in here is not for Fox. It’s for the record. And the fact that the posturing was such that it made remedy or rescue in that situation impossible is not a conclusion solely of the House Armed Services Committee or Republicans; it’s a self-evident fact.
 And after another exchange, Mr. Carney fled:

MR. CARNEY: James, I think we’re done here.
 Keep holding their feet to the fire, Mr. Rosen. This crooked administration's massive cover-up of this slaughter cannot stand.

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