Monday, August 19, 2013

Algore's Buddies at Aljazeera Start Broadcasting in U.S. Tomorrow

Remember Algore? Second-most worthless vice president in modern history behind Joe Biden. Loser to GW Bush in the 2000 presidential election. Gas bag who made a huge fortune scaring the crap out of everyone about that scam man-made global warming. Hypocrite who purchased a $9 million home well below where he claims the water line of the California coast will be just 10 years from now? Owner of Current TV, one of the most under-performing networks on cable and satellite television?

Make that former owner. The channel was doing so poorly, Algore ditched it, selling it to the terrorist-sympathizing news network Al Jazeera, giving them a platform to broadcast its terrorist-loving propaganda in the U.S. and making a huge profit on a dog of a television channel (gotta love those commie-libs loyalty to country). Well Al Jazeera is firing up the terrorist-loving news channel in this country tomorrow:

When Al Jazeera America hits TV on Tuesday, viewers will see familiar faces — and a new approach.
CNN vets Joie Chen and Soledad O’Brien are lending their big names to the in-depth documentary show “America Tonight,” and former NBC journalist John Seigenthaler will anchor prime-time’s “Nightly News.” But beyond the plucked-from-elsewhere star power, Al Jazeera America won’t resemble anything else in cable news.
“I really saw it as a completely different kind of opportunity,” says Chen, who signed up as anchor for what has been billed as the station’s flagship program after network brass pitched her a show in which storytelling and good journalism would trump sensationalism and fiery opinions.
They way Chen tells it, “America Tonight” will use its 9 p.m. slot to focus on news and current affairs while offering in-depth reporting.
“We will be doing thoughtful eight- to 12-minute pieces,” she says. “Sometimes the pieces will be off of the news of the day, but often it will not — instead, we will try to focus on stories that we don’t hear repeatedly in the news.”
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention American news sweethearts Soledad O'Brien and Joie Chen have throw in with the terror apologists. Gotta love their dedication to hard news and love of country!

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