Friday, August 30, 2013

Unions Attack Fast Food Restaurants

Just call this clowns on parade. And I'm not talking about Ronald McDonald. I'm talking about clowns who would allow themselves to be led like sheep by a bunch of overpaid union organizers and officials. Yes, we're talking about the great fast food restaurant work stoppage that happened Thursday:

LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK — In the aftermath of the recession, hundreds of workers in low-wage industries have tried to call attention to how difficult it is to survive on the minimum wage.
Thursday might have been their biggest effort yet.

Fast-food workers in an estimated 60 cities protested outside 1,000 stores, turning out at the crack of dawn to call for union representation and a wage of $15 an hour. Organizers of the effort, bankrolled largely by the SEIU and promoted by a slew of community groups, said it was the largest protest ever to hit the fast-food industry.
Fifteen bucks an hour? How do you like the sound of $10 for a Big Mac, America? That's what you're looking at if Barry Obama's buddies at the Service Employees International Union manage to get the fast food sheep to organize.

How unfair to call these hard-working fast food workers sheep! They are just struggling against all odds to work hard and make a decent living wage. Wrong again. They are pawns for the union thugs at the SEIU who intend to make hundreds of dollars a year off each and every one of them to fatten their pockets. Apparently, these fast food workers don't understand that union representation comes at a high price -- a price so high that most union employees don't realize how much it costs them and how little they will get for union representation until it's too late. This is why a scant seven percent of private-sector workers choose unionization.

Another hard, cold reality these fast food workers need to wake up to: These fast food jobs are called entry level jobs for a reason.  No one forces you to work at a fast food restaurant and there are many of us out there who can tell you that there are multiple opportunities for advancement in these entry level jobs. You can move up the ladder and end up making a "living wage" whatever the hell that is. If you're not happy with your entry level fast food job, you can go elsewhere for employment -- find another job for God's sake! Many of us have held fast food jobs and they served us well until we acquired additional education/skills and moved on. No one is forcing you into a fast food restaurant job. If you think your labor is worth more, go find a higher paying job somewhere else.

Ultimately, Barry's SEIU dream of $15 an hour for fast food workers would mean less choice for the rest of us. How many people will actually pay $10  for a Big Mac or $15 a Big Mac with fries and a coke? Because when your labor costs -- approximately 25% of your total expenses in a fast food operation -- double, these are the prices you would have to charge to stay in business. If you have to price fast food into the realm of what you would pay for sit-down casual dining entrees fewer Americans eat at fast food restaurants and fast food restaurants go out of business.

That brings up another fiction: McDonald's is a rich corporation and can afford to pay fast food workers $15 an hour. Most fast food restaurants operate on tight profit margins and not all fast food companies are as wildly successful as McDonald's. Not only that, but most fast food restaurants -- including McDonald's units -- are operated by franchisees, not the the corporations that bear their name. Many of these folks are hard-working middle class or upper middle class folks who pay hefty franchise fees to the corporation. In fact, many have put their entire fortunes into a crap shoot at becoming a successful franchisee. They've worked their way up through the system as any fast food restaurant worker can do and deserve every hard-earned penny they've got.

Bottom line fast food restaurant workers: Stop being stooges for the SEIU which the Center for Union Facts shows has over 80,000 employees making more than $50,000 a year, many of those FAR more than $50,000 a year. And for doing what? Getting the fast food worker sheep pissed off at their employers so they will sign on with the SEIU and each pay this worthless organization hundreds of dollars a year to "represent" them. Barack the Terrible can identify with this because the liberal's president is still a "community organizer" at heart. And there is little difference between a union organizer and a community organizer. The job description of each is to prey on those who perceive that they are "disadvantaged" or "disenfranchised" and convince them that they are truly powerless over their own destiny; unable to make anything of themselves without the assistance of the organizer who whipped them into a frenzy in the first place. And the organizer, whether they work for a union or a "community service" group, is usually doing this for their own enrichment. Union and community organizing are really very cynical, deceptive and distasteful occupations which presumably is why Barry identifies with them so much. 

Anyone can look up individual information on the outrageous salaries of union organizers and officials on the U.S. Department of Labor web site. The SEIU could care less about fast food worker's "living wage" -- all they care about is lining the pockets of the union fat cats with hundreds of dollars a year from each of the fast food worker sheep they hope to organize. 

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