Thursday, August 22, 2013

The See No Evil Obama Administration -- Spokesman Josh Earnest Claims to not Know About Chris Lane

When it comes to Black kids slaughtering White kids Obama's mouthpiece hasn't a clue -- yeah right!:

Let me get this straight: The senseless slaughter of Chris Lane has been huge news for the last two days and Barry's administration hasn't heard of it?

No need to wonder what the job description of the Obama White House Press Secretary (and his Deputies) looks like: Ability to tell audacious and bald-faced lies and expect Americans to believe you. No conscious required. Must look and act like a little weasel.

Still waiting for Barry to tell us which one of these three thugs "looks like he could be" his son "if he had one". 

BTW -- it took Ed Henry from Fox (as usual) to ask the tough question. Every one of the other lapdogs in the leftist media wouldn't dare touch this one with a ten-foot pole. Don't challenge the Imperial Leader of the leftists.

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