Saturday, August 31, 2013

Obama Says he will Seek Congressional Approval for Syria Strike

The liberal's dithering idiot president has apparently made a decision on Syria: He's decided to seek congressional approval for military action:
WASHINGTON (AP) — Officials in the Obama administration and on Capitol Hill say President Barack Obama intends to seek congressional approval for action against Syria.

Obama will speak on the developments in Syria from the Rose Garden on Saturday.
The officials insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to speak ahead of the president
Good luck with this. So he's decided to try to maneuver himself out of the corner he backed himself into by trying to get Congress on board so he can blame them. Or else, he's decided he really doesn't want to bomb Syria and knows Congress won't approve it anyway, so when they turn him down, it'll give him a way out of the mess he's gotten himself into.

At any rate, this whole contorted circle-jerk has proven why you don't want a radical socialist in charge of foreign policy and military affairs. Let's review:

  • Barry drew a "red line" at the Syrian government using chemical weapons on it's people a year ago. He didn't exactly say what this :"red line" meant, but everyone assumed it meant grave consequences for Assad's regime. 
  • Despite having a year to make the case for military action to congress, Barry didn't. He did get in a hell of a lot of gold and lavish vacations however.
  • The Syrian government crossed Barry's "red line". (or did they?) Nothing happened.
  • Barry dithered while we all watched in eager anticipation of what he was going to do.
  • Barry's administration leaked information about what they intended to do in Syria.
  • Members of Barry's cabinet trotted out in front of the media and made it clear that what we would do and what we would do -- we wouldn't try to kill Assad or attempt regime change so basically they admitted that we were just going to bomb Syria for the hell of it. 
  • An 11-year-old calls out the liberals dithering president. 
  • Realizing what a bad spot he put himself in, Barry reversed course and decided to ask for congressional authority so he had someone to blame if the mission went south.  
And that's how the dithering socialist rolls when he has a tough decision to make. 

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