Thursday, August 15, 2013

Please Spare Us: Hillary 2016

For the ignorant -- in other words anyone who would consider either one of the people above to be presidential material -- the hippie chic pictured above with Sasquatch is the most overrated woman in modern political history. Yes, I'm talking about Hillary Clinton. So overrated in fact that most Democrats are slobbering all over themselves to have her run for president. In fact, if you listen to the media, the 2016 election is already over and Hillary won.

Spare me the bull crap please. Having the misfortune of electing this scheming political opportunist as president -- particularly on the heels of the hard core Marxist we have for president now -- would be the end of this nation as we know it.

I think Rush Limbaugh described Hillary Clinton best today when he basically said that we all know people who are stuffed shirts -- people whose reputation is far larger than any actual accomplishments they may have had in their lives. Hillary Clinton is the queen of these types. She's had the adoring liberal media puffing her up ever since she came on the political scene in the late-80s. (That includes this Wikipedia puff piece which would lead you to believe that Mother Teresa has nothing on Hillary Clinton.) The only thing she has actually done is to raise the skill of political opportunism to an art form. The woman has ZERO accomplishments of note that would even qualify her to assume the highest office in the land. (Not that this makes any difference to Democrats. Look at their current president.)

Most Democrats reading this now are probably stammering and foaming at the mouth. That's fine: Once you calm down, commie libs, I challenge you to deal with this question head on: What exactly HAS Hillary Clinton accomplished in her life besides climbing the political ladder as a means to achieve power and wealth? Let's start assessing this question beginning long ago -- shortly after someone snapped that photo of the smiling commies (you'll recall that Slick Willie cut his teeth at the feet of communist leaders behind the Iron Curtain). We'll hit a few quick bullet points here:

  • Married a philandering douche bag who by all accounts has had great difficult keeping it in his pants throughout their entire marriage.
  • Subordinated whatever political career she might have had to the career of the philandering douche bag she married -- a political calculation she made in exchange for future political payoffs. 
  • Took a prestigious job at the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas where even the Wikipedia puff piece admits "She seldom did trial work,[94] but the firm considered her a "rainmaker" because she brought in clients, partly thanks to the prestige she lent the firm and to her corporate board connections." 
  • Cattle futures, Whitewater, Mena, White House Travel Office, Web Hubbell, Vince Foster. Need I say more? She DID succeed in leading the quickest clean-up of any White House office in U.S. history (Vince Foster's).
  • Stubbornly and unabashedly stood by her man in a manner that would bring ridicule to any other woman (even her protege, Wiener man's wife Huma).
  • Failed at instituting HilllaryCare in 1994. (Thank God!)
  • Worst U.S. Secretary of State in modern history. Began her tenure by bringing a red button to her first meeting with Vladimir Putin. Ended her tenure with the Benghazi cover-up. 
Please remind me liberals: What is it about this record that qualifies this woman to be president of the United States? 


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