Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Electric Cars Don't Work and Barry doesn't Care

If electric cars actually worked, maybe people would be using the expensive chargers our tax dollars paid to have installed at a local "green" library. But they're not:

It’s supposed to be an Iowa truism that “If you build it, they will come.” But that hasn’t happened yet at an electric vehicle charging station in northwest Des Moines.

About $16,000 was spent to install three ChargePoint units at the environmentally friendly Franklin Avenue Public Library, using a mix of city and state funding and library foundation money. Since the charging units became fully operational in the spring of 2012, they have been plugged into electric cars only 13 times — generating a dollar of revenue with each use.

Des Moines Public Library Director Greg Heid is undeterred by the $13 return on investment thus far. “I think this will be taking off as electric cars catch on and as people see this as an alternative,” he says.

Of course the commie lib director of the Des Moines Public Library can't be deterred by the actual facts. After all, the prevailing wisdom behind commie libs such as this guy and Barack Hussein Obama, who is constantly pushing these failed technologies, is that if they force this stuff down our throats eventually we'll all choke it down.And if we don't, they'll mandate it.

Until then, electric cars will continue to sell like hot steaming piles of dog crap. That is to say NOT! Which is why Nissan is trying to get rid of their inventory of their "green" car the Leaf. "Find Huge Markdowns to move LEAF Inventory". If these things were that great, they wouldn't have to "move" them, they would "move" themselves. But they're pieces of crap and pieces of crap don't move very well.

You see out here in flyover country, we don't have much use for a car that might go 75 miles before you have to find a place to plug it in. A lot of us drive that much every day. And imagine the absurdity of having to have a "charging station" everywhere you go to "plug in" your "green" car.

The Chevy Volt is another gem. It goes a whole 38 miles on a full charge. Boy that's handy. Then the gas motor kicks in to charge the battery that powers the car. There's no more idiotic set-up for an automobile drive train than this. If you're having trouble with the concept, imagine pedaling a bike to run a generator that charges a battery that runs a motor that turns the back wheel. Stupid with a capital "S".

Regardless of whether or not these tin hunks of crap work or not, Barack Obama and Greg Heid love them. How many times have you heard Barry say that the actual fuel of today -- oil and gas -- is the fuel of yesterday. I hate to break it to Barry, but if it were we'd all be driving our cars around like Fred Flintstone -- Yabba-Dabba-Do! -- because the crappy little electric cars Barry loves so much don't work. Of course Barry doesn't care if electric cars don't work because electric cars are for the peasants -- whom he commands to conserve energy and not burn the real fuel of today. I wonder how many gallons per mile his ride -- the presidential limo -- gets?

But for Barry, it's not about what the American people want -- it's about what he is going to force them to do with his mandated 54.5 MPG mileage standard by 2025. Large minivans that get half the MPG of dinky little Smart (Dumb!) cars and electric cars cost less than a Chevy Volt and hold twice the people and their stuff -- are inherently more economical than a $40,000 Volt that barely holds four people let alone their stuff. To test this assertion, try piling your family of six and all their luggage into one Smart car, Volt or Leaf for a  3,000-mile road trip. But this doesn't matter because the aim of Barry and the rest of the greenies is not to ensure all of us have the transportation choices we want. It's about having the transportation choices they think we should have.

What transportation vision does Barry and the rest of his greenie buddies have for us? He talks about it all the time: Light rail -- that impossibly, impractically expensive mode of transportation that runs on rails. If the rails don't run to where you live, too bad. But Barry has a solution for that as well: It's called high-density multifamily housing units. Forget the vacations, the long car trips with the family -- even the commutes to work in your own automobile.These things are the legacy of the OLD U.S. -- you know us evil bastards who consume 25% of the world's resources yet are only 5% of the world's population (another of Barry's favorite sayings). This just isn't fair. In Barry's mind, until our lifestyle equals that of the people of Botswana, he hasn't done his job.

And so Barry's vision of the peasant commute consists of you waking up in your housing pod in your high-density multifamily housing unit, folding your bed into the living room wall of the 600-square-foot multifamily, high density housing pod you share with five other family members, choking down your government approved healthy breakfast and marching like a good little Socialist off to the the place where the light rail transport collects all the good little worker bees and deposits them in in their worker bee pods in the city.

If you think this is absurd, pay attention to Barry's "climate change" rhetoric, do some research into what Barry's EPA is doing, and think about how your current lifestyle fits Barry's vision. 

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