Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Proving the Point on the Red-Light Scameras

Yes, another post on the red-light scams cities run all over the country in the name of "safety". From Simon Conway's Facebook page: The scene this morning at 100th and Hickman, site of one of the Clive scameras erected in the name of "safety":

If you think that what you are seeing here is an accident at an intersection policed by a red-light scamera, you would be correct. Can't tell for sure but it appears that someone was going too fast to try to get past the scamera.

In Iowa, we have relatively few of these scameras. In New Jersey, they are all over the place. And New Jersey folks are a little pissed about the notion the many intersections with traffic scameras have yellow lights that are consistently shorter than the advertised length. Speed up the yellow light, rake in more cash. 

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