Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lord Obama's "Free" School WiFi Plan

Bend over ... again folks: The Barack the Great and Terrible wants to increase your cell phone bill so all the little kiddies can have WiFi in school:

— President Barack Obama unveiled a plan to connect nearly every U.S. classroom to high-speed Internet while speaking at Mooresville Middle School on Thursday.

The plan will expand broadband and wireless access to 99 percent of the country’s schools over the next five years, Obama said. It would use money already budgeted and would not require authorization or approval by Congress.

"In a country where we expect free Wi-Fi with our coffee, why shouldn’t we have it in our schools?" Obama said.

Simple answer to why we shouldn't, Barry: Because "free" WiFi in 99% of schools ain't free as evidenced by the fact that you want to increase the tax on MY cell phone bill to pay for it.

Here's the difference between the coffee shop WiFi and the school WiFi for Barry and all you other socialists who don't grasp simple market-driven economics:

Once upon a time, a long time ago, one entrepreneur decided that if he had a place where people could come, buy a cup of coffee, fire up their laptops, and get on the Internet, he might just sell more coffee than the guy across the street who didn't have Internet access. This concept worked so well that in less than a decade and a half, damn near every coffee shop, diner and fast food restaurant that is worth a damn has WiFi. But it ain't free. It's built into the cost of doing business and everyone who patronizes these places willingly agrees to the value proposition that they might pay a nickel or two more for their coffee for the convenience of having Internet access.

Not so for the school WiFi. No one has agreed to the value proposition of 99% schools having Internet access except for socialists like Barack and assorted teachers, administrators and school board members who all think WiFi access just falls like Manna from heaven. No, "free" WiFi in school means that sometime a few months from now I'm going to open my already-substantial cell phone bill and find yet another of those nefarious charges that have no explanation. And in a day and age where damn near everyone has access to the Internet somewhere and most school districts go begging to parents for pencils, glue, paper, Kleenex and every other type of school supply imaginable and are charging parents a fee for everything from activities like band and sports to riding the bus, I think we can forgo Barry's socialist dream of WiFi in every classroom.

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