Thursday, August 15, 2013

Voter Fraud on Parade

Everyone who's paying attention knows that North Carolina's governor just signed into law common-sense voter fraud protections: 
North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory on Monday signed into law changes in how residents can vote that includes requiring them to show a photo ID at polling stations, a move that triggered threats of legal action from the NAACP and other groups.
The American Civil Liberties Union joined two other groups in announcing that they were filing suit against key parts of the package. This came hours after McCrory said in a statement that he had signed the measure, without a ceremony.
The bill shortens the length of that carnival atmosphere time Democrats like to call early voting and requires voters to -- GASP!!!! -- prove they are actually eligible to vote by showing a photo ID. How could anyone object to such common sense measures? Leave it to North Carolina's Democrat senator to make the case for continuing the voter fraud:

 (CNN) - The day after North Carolina's Republican Gov. Pat McCrory signed a controversial voter ID bill into law, one of the U.S. senators from his state is seeking to challenge it.

In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan asked that the Justice Department look into the law she worried would "restrict the ability of minorities, seniors, students, the disabled, and low and middle income citizens to exercise their constitutional right to vote," she wrote.

How exactly does requiring everyone to present a government-issued ID to vote -- something they have to have to drive a car, buy booze or get on a plane -- "restrict the ability" of ANYONE to vote? I'll answer that one: It doesn't. What it DOES do is make it more difficult for Democrats engage in their usual shenanigans to get out the voter fraud before, during and after the election. 
Have you seen early voting in action? For those of you who have you know it's a Democrat free-for-all: Activists lined up right on the line hawking their candidates and causes; buses of "voters" being herded in to vote: ballots flying around all over the place. How many times have we heard about Democrats magically "finding" just the right number of "misplaced" ballots needed to push their candidate over the line. Does the name Al Franken ring a bell? 
On election day, you have dozens of Democrat voter fraud groups rounding up "voters" and herding them to the polls -- activity I have witnessed first-hand in Iowa -- to "register at the polls".  Then you have liberal "voters" in a number of states admitting they "voted" several times.  The early voting process has fraud written all over it. Voting in most states in the so rife with fraud these days it's the envy of every third-world banana republic. 

It's time to tighten up our lax voting procedures in this country -- procedures that have been incrementally loosened by liberals for liberals over the last 25 years to benefit Democrat's get out the fraud effort. 
Time was when voting on election day meant something -- it was your patriotic duty if you cared about your country no matter what you political persuasion was unless you absolutely couldn't make it to the polls on election day. Then you had a carefully-controlled absentee voting process you could take advantage of. Same-day registration, voting at umpteen million places BEFORE election day, thousands of absentee ballots being slung around by mostly liberal special interest groups -- it all screws with what used to be an orderly, Constitutional process and it's high time we got back to that orderly process.

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