Thursday, August 29, 2013

British Back Out of Action against Syria -- the Liberal's Incompetent President is on His Own

The British are out of action against Syria. The British Parliament voted Syrian action down just a few hours ago and David Cameron isn't a democratic totalitarian like Barack Hussein Obama -- he admitted defeat and won't pursue military action. This is quite unlike Barry who has had a year since his "red line" comment and has decided he doesn't need the consent of congress to war. The Frenchie Frenchmen are out as well. So this means Barry is going it on his own. Not only is Barry incompetent and over his head, he's a loner on the world stage.

So what is Barry going to do?

The Russians are moving ships in to place to respond to a U.S. strike. The Syrians and the real threat in the region, Iran, have threatened to attack Israel if Barry attacks Syria which could spell out and out war in the Middle East. What will Barry do then? Considering he's having a major problem trying make up his mind what he is going to do with Syria, how in the hell is he going to handle the situation if he prompts a full-scale war in the Middle East?

Seems that the liberal's spineless, conflicted president has written a check with his mouth that he's not willing to cash with his actions. As California representative Buck McKeon said, Barry has set us up to look like a paper tiger with his actions (or inaction). And this gets to the crux of the whole issue: The irresponsible punk who now occupies the Oval Office doesn't seem to understand that words have meaning -- especially words spoken by the president of the United States, the leader of the free world. He's not just a presidential candidate and he's no longer a community agitator, he's the president of the United States and the president of the United States can't just make idle threats for effect which is apparently what he did. And with our allies abandoning him and our enemies threatening us and Israel, the punk president has backed himself into a corner.

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