Thursday, July 02, 2009

Did Hell Freeze Over? Helen's Hip To The Health Care Hype!

Okay, folks. File this in the "Knock Me Over With A Feather" drawer.

Seems that the Crone of the Capitol has reached her limit in the category of manufactured news.

It was just another boring day in the White House press pool, when a surly Chip Reid of CBS News tried to ask Giggle Czar Gibbs about the upcoming rigged "town hall" on health care. Gibbs was slithering and simpering in his usual manner, actually behaving as though it was silly to question the White House for pre-designing the question trajectory in a supposedly "public" event.

Then Helen Thomas jumped into the fray, and a miracle occurred. A member of the White House press corps actually cut the puppet master's strings for a minute and danced to her own tune. View the video here.

Bravo to Helen Thomas (did I say that? We must be in the End of Days!) Michelle Malkin could not have held the press banner higher. "Shocking," she calls the Administration's behavior. She takes them to task for staging their press events and for calling reporters the night before so they can prepare good questions.

I give credit where it's due. And now, a word for the rest of the press (not you, Chip; you did a fine job there.) STOP LETTING THIS PHONY-BALONEY ADMINISTRATION WALK ALL OVER YOU!

The press was spineless and slobbering during the campaign, and Dear Leader now still believes he can abuse the press the same way now that he's president. But that might not be true. If there's anything the mainstream media worships more than leftist politics, it's the press itself. Bernie Goldberg (in his book of the same name) calls the behavior of the press during campaign season a "slobbering love affair." Charles Krauthammer recently said:

The hot sex is over, they're in the cigarette stage right now. You get a question or two that's slightly obstreperous, but the adulatory coverage is still all wall-to-wall.

It's a point, but I would argue a different one. The press was abused by Obama during the campaign, but they loved him anyway. Now they've married the abuser, and his abuse is getting more overt. Now, instead of just manipulating and deceiving them, he's beating them with the blunt object that is Robert Gibbs and showing his open contempt for them.

Time to get help, CBS. Here's a toll-free number, ABC (Jake Tapper of ABC is also getting restless on the plantation). As for you, CNN and NBC-cluster, you can't get better until you admit there's a problem. When you're ready to bolt, reach out to Glenn Beck; he's been where you are. He understands.

But you might have to leave Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow behind. There are limits to what rehabilitation can fix.

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