Saturday, July 04, 2009

North Korea's Fourth of July Fireworks and Other Signs of our Weak Foreign Policy

At least there is one thing you can say about North Korea's Pot-Bellied Dictator: When it comes to being a boil on the butt of humanity, he's true to his word. He's been firing off missiles like a Fourth of July fireworks display. By the way, are we hearing any meaningful condemnation of the threats to world security posed by Kim Jong Il furiously developing his nuke program while simultaneously attempting to perfect his ability to strike Hawaii and other parts of the globe with a missile? No we haven't (insert sound of crickets chirping here).

The Messiah is discovering that delivering smiley campaign messages about "re-setting" relationships with terrorist regimes and conducting actual foreign policy are two different things. So when the despot dictators, instead of unclenching their "clenched fists", clench those fists even tighter and swing them in the direction of our collective faces, the Obama Administration decides that rather than conduct actual foreign policy, we'll just focus on wrecking the domestic side of things and "punt" on that foreign policy thing. After all, if you were serious about foreign policy would you use the job of Secretary of State of the United States of America as a place to shelve your former political rival to keep her out of the way when you run for a second term? (God help us all!)

I know I'm not the only one who's tired of our country being the laughing stock of the world. North Korea is firing missiles right and left to find out what they can hit (if anything) and the lapdog Defense Secretary Robert Gates says that if those missiles get too close to us that we might do something but we'll just wait and see. Now it seems we've gotten past the point of even expressing our outrage. We just let missile launch after missile launch slide by with nary a word. Kind of like the wait and see attitude The Messiah took with the regime that was (is?) beating the crap out of kids in Iran -- shooting them, slitting their throats, beating them to death etc. -- in the interest of "respecting the sovereignty" of a regime that is systematically eliminating its people. We've apparently gotten past this as well. It seems that what the Obama Administration was waiting to see is whether the press would just drop the fact that kids were dying in Iran and spare them the trouble of actually having to do anything. This time, it apparently worked.

Meanwhile, as the world continues to become a more dangerous place, the Obama Administration thinks the most logical place to actually make budget cuts is in the military and missile defense budgets. Obama cozies up to leftist South American despots, cheerily accepting anti-U.S. propaganda from them and listening to their interminable leftist tirades as if to say "I'm with you brother" while warning our ally Israel that they had better not make any moves to defend themselves even as Iran threatens to annihilate them.

It seems that we are stuck with this limp-wristed, metrosexual foreign policy for the next three Independence Day holidays. But if we actually value our independence and hope to celebrate another 233 Independence Days (and beyond), we best wake up, start paying attention and boot the leftist apologists out of office. What they don't realize is that as a country, we're not like everyone else in the world. It's not that the people of the United States are any better than any other people in any other country. It's our exceptional form of governance that sets us apart. It is the realization by our Founding Fathers that ordinary people are capable of doing extraordinary things if they just have the freedom to do so. We shouldn't apologize, as Obama does, for the fact that the freedom that is built into our form of governance has created over the last 200+ years the most exceptional and the most prosperous nation on the face of the earth. We should celebrate that freedom and the exceptionalism that it has bred and spread the formula that has been such a success to other countries. And we need to defend that freedom against third world despots. Because if we don't the despots who are jealous of our freedom and wish to destroy it will eventually succeed.


Dr. Mom said...

Perhaps Obama isn't concerned about the Norks blowing up his home state, because then there would be a REASON he can't show us his birth certificate!

Conservasteve said...

Yeah, that's true. After all, they aren't threatening to launch a nuke on Kenya. Speaking of Kenya, I wonder if George was able to upgrade huts (no thanks to his brother, of course) due to his big book contract.

Dr. Mom said...

Now that George has a book contract, he's eligible to join his sister Maya in being part of the Obama Administration!