Monday, July 06, 2009

Mrs. Bill Clinton to Meet With Honduran Despot

Well, well! We seem to be seeing the beginnings of a coherent foreign policy developing -- coherent for a bunch of radical leftist nut jobs which would include all of the current members of the Obama White House. It goes something like this: Simultaneously smooch the butts of the leaders of terror states who brazenly kill young citizens protesting for freedom and apologize for us - U.S. - being arrogant, promise to be nicer to countries headed by puppet presidents that are backsliding into communism again and, last but certainly not least, show open support for despot tin pan Central American presidents who are peeing their pants to be just like their buddies Hugo Chavez and the Castro Brothers (better buddies that even Obama is with Chavez and the Castros and that's saying something). Yes, in the fine tradition of this last branch of the Obama olive tree foreign policy, Mrs. Bill Clinton is going to meet with the pissant little Honduran despot who, like his mentor Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela (with the full support of James Earl Carter Jr's "election monitoring"), wanted to shred the Honduran Constitution and install himself as president for life:

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has agreed to meet with ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya, as U.S. and other diplomats intensify their efforts to solve a crisis that has turned into a showdown with coup leaders and threatens to produce more bloodshed.

The meeting could take place as early as today, according to a senior administration official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Zelaya told reporters he was flying to Washington last night from Central America.

The talks took on additional urgency after two Zelaya supporters were killed Sunday during a boisterous demonstration at the airport in the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, where the de facto government denied permission for Zelaya's plane to land. The plane circled the airport twice, then flew on to Nicaragua.

The Clinton meeting would mark the highest-level contact between Zelaya and the Obama administration since the June 28 coup, when the military detained the leftist leader and expelled him from the country. The Obama administration has condemned the coup. But until now, Clinton has worked behind the scenes, consulting with foreign ministers from Mexico and other countries as the U.S. government publicly coordinated its efforts through the Organization of American States (OAS).

The Honduran crisis has presented the biggest test yet of the Obama administration's Latin America policy, which seeks to establish more cooperative relations in a region where the United States wields enormous influence

Again, all kidding aside, how can you "test" something that doesn't exist? If there is an Obama "Latin American Policy" it appears to be cozying up to the despots who want to create chaos and turmoil in the region.

Forgive me for asking, but what exactly would "solving" the Honduran crisis consist of? One presumes that since the Obama Administration has openly condemned the coup and Mrs. Bill Clinton is going to meet as early as Tuesday with the despot Zelaya, "solving" this crisis for them would consist of re-installing the despot as president and allowing Honduras to go down the path of Venezuela. After all, who are we to judge whether the people of Honduras should live in a dictatorship or not. The answer to this question is better left to the guy who wanted to impose a dictatorship on them. Put him back in the "presidency" and let him decide.

Perhaps the Obama Administration might actually try talking to the people of Honduras before going and making decisions about what kind of government they want. I actually know some folks from Honduras and they are very concerned about what is going on there and not because they want to see the bum that was thrown out re-installed. On the contrary, while they don't necessarily approve of the way it was done, they are glad Zelaya was thrown out on his ass and don't want to see him return.

Of course we know that the Obama Administration isn't overly concerned about what the people in any given republic are interested in terms of governance. Obama and his socialist cronies could care less about American's concerns about all the debt they are piling up in the name of turning this country from a republic into a socialist state. Why should they care about what the people of Honduras want in their government? In fact, the way things are going here I wouldn't be entirely surprised if Obama tries to modify our Constitution in a couple years so he can stay in office to help shepherd us through the continuing crisis his fiscal mismanagement created. Perhaps ousted Honduran president Zelaya isn't the only Chavez protégé.

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