Thursday, July 09, 2009

Stimulus Chicago Style

Does this story surprise anyone:

Billions of dollars in federal stimulus money targeted to boost local economies have gone overwhelmingly to counties that supported Barack Obama in last year's presidential election.

Counties that supported the Democratic candidate have received twice as much money per person from the administration's $787 billion economic stimulus package as those that voted for Republican John McCain, according to a USA Today analysis.

We know this "stimulus" isn't doing what it was supposed to -- most of the money that has been spent thus far hasn't even gone for the advertised purpose. And the more money Obama throws at the problem, the worse the problem gets: Banks still aren't lending; employers still aren't employing -- in fact they are employing less than they were when The Messiah was elected; foreclosures are still going up and home sales are in the tank despite the Obama Administration's attempts to rig the numbers. It seems like the only groups that are benefiting from Obama's $800 billion slush fund are his buddies. And that's not just my opinion: USA Today is hardly a "conservative" news source.

We've never improved the economy by throwing massive amounts of government money at it. In fact in every case that it’s been tried, massive government spending has caused slower economic growth. The only conclusion you could draw from this is that Obama and the Democrats don't care: This whole thing was done to reward their buddies and the facts bear this out. Welcome to stimulus, Chicago style.

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