Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Economy Just Keeps Getting Worse

How's that "stimulate the economy" thing workin' out for you Messiah? Apparently not too well. With each month comes another jobless picture that is crappier than the month before.

I seem to recall back in January, when the Obama Administration was trying to ram through the second non-stimulus stimulus in four months, all of the Administration scamps and the Democrat flakes on Capitol Hill were "projecting" that unemployment wouldn't rise higher than 8% before their master plan to blast the economy back into instant prosperity would kick in. NOT! It's been positively hilarious the past six weeks or so -- since we hit the magic 8% -- to see them furiously back-pedaling on this "projection" and blaming a guy who hasn't been in office for six months all the time apparently forgetting that his misguided prescription to "jump start the economy" was nearly the same thing they did but just a tad smaller. And it's pretty clear at this point the neither of them worked.

So six months into the Administration of the Great Savior and Messiah, there are some astounding economic milestones for Obama to take credit for:

* Unemployment is now at a 26-year high, a percent and a half higher than the Obama Administration's "projected" peak - 9.5%.

* The number of people working in the U.S. today -- 131.8 million -- is virtually the same as in was in May of 2000 -- nine years ago. Forbes Magazine correctly terms this "The jobless decade" (which incidentally began with the Clinton recession). Another million jobs lost (and this will most certainly happen before the end of the year considering we've lost over 2 million since The Messiah assumed power) and we will have wiped out all the Bush job gains from the past ten years.

* We're now on par with the jobless average in the European Union. Congratulations Barack! Your intent was to shrink our economy to the point where it wasn't any better than anyone else's (perhaps to temper our "arrogance" and "derisiveness") and it appears that, in less than six months you've succeeded in getting one of the major economic markers there. Great job!

* All we have to do to actually exceed the worst unemployment since the Great Depression is climb 1.4%, an easily achievable number considering we were well below 8% when The Messiah descended from the heavens to sit upon the throne in the White House.

Those of us who are old enough can think back to the last time the economy was in as much trouble as it is now. That would be in the early 80s, just after we booted the second-worst president in my lifetime, Jimmy Carter, out of office. It took Carter to get people mad enough to elect the BEST president of the 20th century Ronald Reagan. What was his prescription for turning the economy around? Glad you asked. It was, in fact, the exact opposite of what the worst president in my lifetime is doing right now. Reagan slashed taxes, revenues to the treasury soared and the economy roared back so strongly that not even the Clinton malaise could slow it down very much.

The facts are that Reagan's prescription for turning around a bad economy worked so well that every Democrat since -- including The Messiah himself -- has had to lie about their intentions regarding taxes, refusing to come right out and admit they are going to raise taxes while coyly implying that they might even CUT taxes. And the one Republican that lied about not raising taxes got booted out on his ass after one term. In fact, Reagan's prescription for economic stimulation is such a provable solution that not even Obama can deny that it works. And it stands to reason that if the exact opposite of what the Democrats are doing now works, what they are doing now doesn't work and we have the past history of the Carter years and the recent history of the Obama months to prove this. Not only this, but we have California, New York, Michigan, New Jersey et. al to prove that the liberal prescription for state economies, modeled of course on the liberal prescription for the national economy, is failing miserably. Still the liberals continue to insist that out of control deficit spending, confiscatory taxation, job-killing economic policies and a massive multi-trillion dollar health care plan are the way to turn this economy around. Given the overwhelming evidence that tax and spending cuts fix the economy and tax and spending increases kill the economy, I can't help but think that 9.5% unemployment and an economy in chaos is exactly what Obama and the Democrats want. After all, the current state of economic affairs is Saul Alinsky's perfect storm. And the liberal's president was one of Alinsky's most apt pupils.

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