Saturday, July 04, 2009

WATCH Mark Levin: Obama's Policies Are "Bernie Madoff Times A Thousand"

Will one of you lefties (or more) give me a RATIONAL explanation WHY this is an inaccurate comparison? The federal government is bankrupt, the social programs you lefties love SOOOOO much have unfunded liabilities approaching $100 trillion, Bush and Obama (mostly Obama) have added $12-$14 trillion on top of that (thanks Messiah, for accumulating more debt in six months that the previous 43 presidents COMBINED) NOW on top of it all Obama wants to wreck a health care system that 80% of us are happy with to the tune of $1.6 trillion over ten years and he tells us everything is going to be just fine if only we spend more and more money. Meanwhile, the economy continues to go down the crapper. What do you call this if not the biggest swindle ever perpetrated on any society anywhere? Madoff was a piker in comparison.
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Robert J. Moeller said...

I randomly found your blog, and I'm glad that I did. Very interesting stuff. I'm a conservative blogger in Chicago ( Keep up the good work and God Bless.

Conservasteve said...


Thanks for stopping by and come on back to comment some more. We used to have quite a following of liberal scamps to debate over at another blog we had and we hope to attract more here. We've only been up for about a week now. I'll be over to check yours out as well. Thanks and spread the word!

Dr. Mom said...

RJM: How in the world have you survived as a conservative in Chicago?