Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Siding With the Marxists

Is it any surprise that the Obama Administration is siding with "democratically-elected" thugs like Hugo Chavez, Raul Castro and Daniel Ortega -- thugs The Messiah was yucking it up with on his trip to South America -- in the ouster of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya who was thrown out in a military coup for trying to change the Honduran Constitution? It seems Zelaya wanted to give himself at least one more term in office -- eerily similar to what his "democratically-elected" buddy Hugo Chavez did a couple years ago.

There's a good rule of thumb here: If the three despot stooges of South America support the guy AND the United Nations supports the guy AND the Obama Administration supports the guy, the guy is no good and deserved to be thrown out.

Is there anybody out there who would care to take a shot at explaining exactly WHAT the Obama foreign policy doctrine is? I guess if there is one phrase that characterizes it, that phrase would have to be either "we don't want to meddle" or "we'll have to wait and see" or perhaps a combination of both. If only The Messiah showed as much support for Benjamin Netanyahu and the state of Israel as he does for his little despot thug buddies in South America.

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