Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Enviro-Fascist Gore Compares Global Warming to Fascism

Or another way to put it is that the bloated gasbag ex-veep (who, in my mind is the perfect embodiment of Mr. Thompson, the U.S. President in Atlas Shrugged) believes that his phony dying polar bears are the moral equivalent of seven million dead Jews. Perhaps this reprehensible old bastard who owes his entire fortune to milking his pet phony cause by among other things, calling those of us who don't buy his crap global warming "deniers" is, in fact a Holocaust denier like his spiritual buddy Ahmadinejad. This is the only way I can figure that anyone could find a moral equivalence between the phony, unsettled science of global warming, climate change or whatever the hell term suits Gore's agenda on a given day and the actual fact of millions of Jews being herded into "ovens" and systematically exterminated. Algore spouted this insanity today at Oxford University in England:

Former U.S. vice president Al Gore has likened the battle against climate change to fighting the Nazis during World War Two. Speaking at the World Forum on Enterprise and the Environment in Oxford, the one-time presidential candidate called on the global community to approach the climate change crisis with 'a sense of joy'.
He also reminded delegates of Sir Winston Churchill rallying troops to save civilisation in World War Two.
Winston Churchill aroused this nation in heroic fashion to save civilisation in World War Two,' Mr Gore said.
'We have everything we need except political will but political will is a renewable resource.'

This is what we're up against folks: A pompous-ass enviro-Nazi jackass with a phony cause and a big bully pulpit. Make no mistake: This jerk has no intention of altering his lifestyle, it's our lifestyles he's out to alter -- you and me, the little guy just trying to go about our business and do the best we can for our families everyday. This is what Waxman-Markey cap and trade is all about folks and this guy is the Godfather of the bill. Every jackass on Capitol Hill, including The Messiah himself was counting the "credibility" Gore has on this issue to help them ram this crap through. In fact, they are still counting on his help to ram cap and trade through the senate -- counting on a guy who they consider to be an elder statesman who is clearly deranged.

So what will become of this mentally-deranged old fool while we're paying an average of $3,000 extra a year for everything from energy to toilet paper, having some Brown shirt evaluate our house for energy efficiency before we sell it while another Brown shirt keeps track of our "smart" thermostat, raising or lowering the temperature of our HVAC systems remotely to match some arbitrary standard and being downsized out of our minivans and SUVs into "smart" cars where it will take three drivers in a family of six to get the whole brood to church on Sunday? The mentally deranged old fool Albert Gore Jr. will leave his 12,000 square-foot energy hog of house in his motorcade of limousines and SUVs to motor to the airport where he'll hop on a private jet then hop in another motorcade to motor to some snooty university like the one Bill Clinton got his BS in communist war protesting from where he'll tell us that we're still not doing enough to prevent the world from melting like a ball of wax. It's enough to drive any rational thinking human being batty and it's the number one reason we have to defeat cap and trade. Not to make light of this folks: We're in serious trouble if this passes. And the folks who want to force their eco-Nazi state on us consider this wacko nut job -- a Nobel Prize winner (for leftist propaganda), they'll point out -- their biggest ace in the hole despite his obvious mental disorder.

Meanwhile back in the real world, safe from Al Gore's deranged universe where thriving polar bears are equal to dead Jews, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson admitted the economic destruction the leftists have planned for the us in the name of "saving the planet" will be for naught if India and China don't follow suit. And they've already said they won't.

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