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I realize that there is a lot of "real" news begging to be paid attention to, at the moment--like the death of Michael Jackson (at 50) and the death of Billy Mays (at 50) and the death of Farrah Fawcett (virtually on camera) and the death of Fred Travalena (bet that snuck past you, didn't it? Yep, at 66.)

But there are a few minor matters I'd like to draw your attention to while the popcorn's popping and before the commercial goes away (is that Orange Glo? I can't stand to look.) So, please, indulge me, and if you learn something ask yourself why I had to tell you.

First, you may know that there were people dying in Iran last week (or was that two weeks ago?) Remember how President Obama (Dear Leader Kim Jong O) came out for a press conference, and the guy from the Huffington Post asked the question the President had asked him to ask?

(ADD Moment: since when is a blog an official news outlet, by the way? No offense to...well, me!)

Yeah, you remember that. The question was from actual Iranians dying on the other side of the world behind the Twitter curtain, and it basically asked whether they should consider the President to have betrayed them.

President Cool frowned impressively and said that he and the United States were "bearing witness" to the suffering in Iran. And that, basically, that was all we intended to do. And then he moved on to health care and....I don't know, something else he wanted to talk about.

So, anyway, you remember how all those people were being shot after their election and all, but now it's all gone away?

Well, I just thought I'd let you know that it hasn't gone away. Iranians are still protesting and being persecuted, and the regime is keeping their chosen dictator-dude in power, and the whole world that was watching a week ago is watching to see if Michael Jackson's mother gets custody of (please don't make me say it) Prince Michael, Paris, and Prince Michael the Second (also known as Blanket.)

Just so you know. Find out more on Twitter. I'm not good with Twitter, but if you put in "Iran" and look around for a while something turns up. And some conservative media occasionally talk about it. So keep your ears open. Here is a bit that gives you some small flavor of what's going on. But don't stop there. Track it down yourself.

Here's another thing you should get in the habit of doing. You should start reading the bills that Your Representatives are voting on. Because they aren't doing it.

For example, the day Michael died, something strange happened. Your Congress (the one You voted into office, or failed to dislodge, or stayed home stupidly to spite) voted to essentially federalize the entire energy system of the United States. Although only the people who wrote the bill itself are likely to have read most of it. And it's very unlikely any of them read all of it. You should, before it goes to the Senate. Thanks to John Boehner for trying to derail it by reading parts of it out loud to show the American people what (his words, not mine) "a pile of sh*t" it really was.

Now the Senate gets it, and if we don't stop it, we get to pay huge new utility bills, have the government inspect our houses for energy efficiency before we sell them, and watch Wall Street power brokers and Al Gore get stinking rich. Yippee. Go to and type in 2454. It's HR 2454 at the moment, and soon it will have new numbers and new inserts, before the spineless Senate sends it on to be signed by Barack the Magnificent, flanked no doubt by his Climate Czar and Prince Albert in a Gore, while Wagnerian arias swell in the background. Go look it up and read it. I don't care if they didn't. I don't care how long it is. Tivo Law and Order or American Celebrity Island Slugfest or whatever it is you don't want to miss. Read the freakin' cap and trade bill. And then call your Senator and politely threaten to remove him from office next round if he dares to sign on to this unbelievable federal power grab.

This next one is small, but it's the kind of annoying thing that makes the President the Chicago thug he is.

Go take a look at this.

I know, you're complaining already, aren't you? A list of people who are on the President's Commission on White House Fellowships? How trivial is that?

Well, not all that much if you're someone who really, really wants to be a White House Fellow (a position that has been know to lead to much bigger and higher-paying things.) One might consider it a highly "cloutable" position, were one a Chicago politician, or someone who thinks like one.

Anyway, take a little look at the list. Sure, there's Tom Brokaw, who recently interviewed the President, No surprise there. NBC is so in the tank for the White House, you can hear the gravel scraping the microphones on the Evening News, and you can see the bubbles coming up out of Keith Olbermann's diving helmet over on MSNBC. But look again. There are two very interesting people on this list. Here's a hint: One of them seems barely qualified for any government job.

No, it's not the commie from NPR, and I'm not even trying to draw attention to the fact that most of these people are connected to either Chicago or Harvard or some other place where the Obama has worked his magic.

Okay, I'll tell you. First, take a look at Deborah Harmon.
Since 2002, Ms. Harmon has served on the Board of Trustees for Sidwell Friends School (SFS) in Washington, DC, and is Chairperson of Sidwell’s Investment Committee.

If that sounds familiar, it should. Sidwell is where the Obama children shelter themselves from the awful DC Public school system. Yep, that's right. He's appointed someone from the Board of his children's school to a prestigious government position. Now, some of us might consider that a conflict of interest all around. But I'm sure it's just because he couldn't find anyone appropriate that didn't also coincidentally control his children's academic future.

The second hidden gem here is the woman whose only qualifications are that she's taught school in more than one state, written one book that hasn't been published yet and has another that's still being written. Also, she worked on the President's campaign.

Oh, I almost forgot. And also Maya Soetoro-Ng is the President's SISTER.

But I'm sure there was no one else in America more deserving. And I suppose I should just shut up and be happy there wasn't a spot there for Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn (but the Pastor who took over after Reverend Wright is on his faith advisory committee--another horror show you should look up for yourself.)

Kind of funny, you see, because right now in Chicago there's a big scandal brewing around the University of Illinois because it apparently kept lists of politicians whose children and friends' children were "clouted" to get in, even if they didn't qualify as highly as other, non-connected applicants, or at all. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

And, finally, I want to draw your attention to a little abuse case going on in North Carolina that you aren't likely to hear much about. It seems that a gentleman named Frank Lombard who works at Duke University as Assistant Director of the Center for Health Policy (rather an important dude on campus) has been unfortunately arrested for....well, something a little embarrassing.

It seems that the homosexual white man, Lombard, adopted two African-American children who, he confided in an undercover cop on the Internet (oopsie!) he enjoyed molesting--and, what's more, he issued a friendly invite to his cyber-buddy to drop by and join in the fun! Yes, this slimy scumbag attempted to persuade what he thought was a fellow-traveling pervert to come over and molest his five-year old adopted child.

Nice guy. Generous, you know. Likes to share. Read the arrest warrant affidavit here:

He's on leave now. But where are the blaring headlines? Where are the tabloidal accusations? Where are Nancy Grace and the ladies of The View? Why isn't this case in the common news hopper, like the national attention that descended on North Carolina when the Duke LaCrosse team allegedly raped a stripper (which, of course, they did not.) That involved adults. People who weren't employed by the university. And the victim was at least old enough to be able to defend herself and call the police if she had really been assaulted.

This is child molesting. Of the most disgusting kind. But it's not gong to get any attention, because it doesn't fit the template. It's a gay adoptive father who literally appears to have adopted his children for the purpose of molesting them. That's something the gay rights crowd has spent decades and millions of dollars campaigning to claim would never, ever happen. Gays don't do that. They would never do that.

Guess what. One did. And if his life isn't made as hellish by the community he lives in as the lives of the Duke Lacrosse players were made by the entire US media, there is no justice in this country.

Just a few things you might have missed while watching Larry King watch celebrities weep over the death of their fellow celebrities. A few important things.

Watch the skies, metaphorically speaking. Pay attention. There is mischief afoot all around us--and it's not what you think.

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